• This is Why the World is Facing a Covid Apocalypse | by umair haque | May, 2021 | Eudaimonia and Co

    What do I mean by “Covid holocaust”? Am I exaggerating, like every white dude on planet earth is going to tell me, smugly, rolling their eyes? Let’s do a little simple math together, Chad. The world’s population is 8 billion people, give or take. Covid’s mortality rate — this is just the current variants — is about 2%. Let’s assume half the world eventually gets infected — so far, somewhere between 5 and 10% of the world has.

    How many deaths is that? 160,000,000. Holocaust enough for you? That’s too much, to be sure. Let’s assume just half the world gets infected, at a mortality rate of 1%. Total number of deaths? Forty million.

    That is modern history’s greatest holocaust, by a very long way.

    At this juncture — and now we’re going to get to what this post is really about — some of you are going to object, angrily: “But vaccines! We have vaccines! You’re being ridiculous!” If only I were. “We” don’t have vaccines. The rich world has them. That’s 15% of people in the world. The other 80%? Of humanity? They barely have any vaccines, and they’re not getting them nearly fast enough to prevent the kind of tragedy that’s unfolding in places like India.