• State of Emergency extended in Lod; Palestinians March through Downtown
    May 17, 2021 – – IMEMC News

    n the city of Lod, a state of emergency has been extended due to civil unrest following demonstrations in support of Palestinian safety in Jerusalem and Gaza.

    On Monday morning, Palestinian residents of Lod began a march through the center of the city to demand an end to the violence perpetrated against them by Israeli ultra-nationalist gangs and by the Israeli police.

    Groups of Palestinians (with Israeli citizenship) are currently marching in Lod City Center, Central Israel. Clashes with ISF expected pic.twitter.com/xOwlGYLGZA

    — Local Focus – Security Alerts (@LocalFocus1) May 17, 2021

    There have been numerous reports of street violence and vandalism over the past week directed at the Palestinian community in Lod. The city used to be a majority Palestinian town, but is now 70 percent Jewish Israelis and 30 percent predominantly Christian and Muslim Palestinian with Israeli citizenship.

    Palestinians with Israeli citizenship face discrimination in housing, judicial and educational sectors, as well as freedom of movement and travel, to name a few.

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