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  • Forced sterilisations stoke Kenyan anger - Features - Al Jazeera English

    In a tiny classroom in the heart of Kenya’s largest informal settlement, Kibera, it is Rose Njuguna’s turn to speak about what the doctor stole from her.

    Rose is a casual labourer, but the reason that brought her and 10 other women together is far graver than her daily struggle to put a meal on the table.

    The women have two things in common: they are all HIV-positive and, because of this, they say they were sterilised in different hospitals - without their consent.

    “Sometimes I look at other people’s children, and wonder how old my child would be today. I fantasise about being a mother, and the love I would give my baby,” Rose tells the group.

    #stérilisation_forcée #HIV #sida #Kenya #femmes (je ne crois pas qu’on stérilise les hommes parce qu’ils sont porteurs du virus)