• Reduced Incidence of #Long_COVID Symptoms Related to Administration of COVID-19 Vaccines Both Before COVID-19 Diagnosis and Up to 12 Weeks After | medRxiv

    In this study, patients who had been vaccinated prior to COVID-19 infection were significantly less likely to have long-COVID symptoms. This result applies even if only a single dose of the vaccine is documented, regardless of the manufacturer of the vaccine. Although these results show that other factors, such as demographic factors and chronic conditions, also influence the likelihood that an individual will exhibit long-COVID symptoms, vaccination status had a consistently and substantially larger effect on this outcome than any other factor measured.

    Furthermore, patients whose first vaccination occurred within 12 weeks after COVID-19 diagnosis were significantly less likely to have long-COVID symptoms than if they had remained unvaccinated. This finding is consistent with the hypothesis that a vaccine may accelerate clearance of the remaining SARS-CoV-2 virus from specific body compartments or reduce part of the body’s immune response related to development of long-COVID (3).

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