• Israël : les Palestiniens sont victimes d’un apartheid
    Publié le 02.02.2022 - Amnesty International France

    Ségrégation territoriale et restrictions de mouvement, saisies massives de biens fonciers et immobiliers, expulsions forcées, détentions arbitraires, tortures, homicides illégaux… Après un long travail de recherche, notre nouveau rapport démontre que les lois, politiques et pratiques mises en place par les autorités israéliennes ont progressivement créé un système d’apartheid à l’encontre du peuple palestinien dans son ensemble.

    Après un travail de recherche de près de quatre ans, nous publions notre rapport, «  L’Apartheid commis par Israël à l’encontre des Palestiniens. Un système cruel de domination et un crime contre l’humanité  ». Sur la base d’une analyse juridique et d’une enquête de terrain minutieuses, il documente la mise en place par Israël, à travers des lois et des politiques discriminatoires, d’un système d’oppression et de domination institutionnalisé à l’encontre du peuple palestinien. Si ces violations sont plus fréquentes et plus graves dans les territoires palestiniens occupés (TPO), elles sont également commises en Israël et à l’encontre des réfugiés palestiniens, présents dans des pays tiers. (...)


    • Amnesty International dissèque l’apartheid d’Israël
      Jean Stern > 1er février 2022

      Démolition d’une maison palestinienne dans la ville d’Hébron, en Cisjordanie occupée, le 28 décembre 2021
      Hazem Bader/AFP

      L’organisation de défense des droits humains Amnesty International s’en prend au système cruel de domination sur la population palestinienne, qu’elle soit en Israël, dans les territoires occupés, à Gaza ou réfugiée. Ce tournant majeur d’Amnesty, qui réclame la saisine de la Cour pénale internationale, est un coup dur pour le gouvernement israélien. Orient XXI a lu le rapport en avant-première.

      La première secousse a lieu en 2020, quand l’organisation de juristes israéliens Yesh Din emploie le terme « apartheid » pour qualifier un système autoproclamé démocratique qui, jusqu’à présent, passait entre les gouttes de l’analyse politique objective. La proximité rendant lucide, une autre ONG israélienne, B’Tselem, creuse le sillon en janvier 2021 en estimant qu’il est temps de dire « non à l’apartheid des rives du Jourdain à celle de Méditerranée » (...)

    • « Demander la fin de l’apartheid c’est demander la fin d’Israël »

      Mairav Zonszein מרב זונשיין sur Twitter : https://twitter.com/MairavZ/status/1488604261986586632

      This is really key. Israel’s existence is premised on systematically oppressing others to no end and a growing majority of Jewish Israelis came to terms with that. That doesn’t mean it can go on. There are Israelis who want a different state, but they are outcast.

    • […] l’Etat hébreu proteste

      Dès lundi, M. Lapid avait demandé à Amnesty de « retirer » son rapport.

      « Amnesty était naguère une organisation estimée (...). Aujourd’hui, elle est exactement le contraire », a-t-il déclaré, accusant l’ONG d’être devenue « une organisation radicale ».


      Et bien sûr…

      Et de l’accuser d’antisémitisme.

      #sionisme #sans_vergogne #chutzpah

    • Tell me what’s untrue in Amnesty’s report on Israel
      Gideon Levy | Feb. 3, 2022 | Haaretz.com

      As the curses and screeches subside – Amnesty are antisemites, the report is full of lies, the methodology is absurd – one must ask: What, precisely, is incorrect in the apartheid report?

      Was Israel not founded on an explicit policy of maintaining Jewish demographic hegemony, while reducing the number of Palestinians within its boundaries? Yes or no? True or false? Does this policy not exist to this day? Yes or no? True or false? Does Israel not maintain a regime of oppression and control of Palestinians in Israel and in the occupied territories for the benefit of Israeli Jews? Yes or no? True or false? Do the rules of engagement with Palestinians not reflect a policy of shoot to kill, or at least maim? Yes or no? True or false? Are the evictions of Palestinians from their homes and the denial of construction permits not part of Israeli policy? Yes or no? True or false?

      Is Sheikh Jarrah not apartheid? Is the nation-state law not apartheid? And the denial of family reunification? And the unrecognized villages? And the “Judaization”? Is there a single sphere, in Israel or the territories, in which there is true, absolute equality, except in name?

      To read the report is to despair. It’s everything we knew, but condensed. Yet no despair or remorse was felt in Israel. Most of the media marginalized and blurred it, and the hasbara choir batted it away. The propaganda minister, Yair Lapid, recited his lines and went on the attack even before the report was published. Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai was quick to follow. The international report has yet to be born that Israel won’t denounce while neglecting to respond to a single point it makes. One organization after another, some of them important and honest, call it apartheid, and Israel says: antisemitism.

      Please, prove Amnesty wrong. That there aren’t two systems of justice in the territories, two sets of rights and two formulas for the distribution of resources. That the legitimization of Evyatar is not apartheid. That Jews being able to reclaim their pre-1948 property while Palestinians are denied the same right is not apartheid. That a verdant settlement right next to a shepherd’s community with no power or running water is not apartheid. That Israel’s Arab citizens aren’t discriminated against systematically, institutionally. That the Green Line has not been erased. What’s not true?

      Even Mordechai Kremnitzer was frightened by the report and attacked it. His arguments: The report does not distinguish the occupied territories from Israel, and it treats the past as if it were the present. That’s how it goes when even leftist academia enlists in defense of Zionist propaganda. Accusing Israel of the sins of 1948 and calling it apartheid is like accusing the United States of apartheid because of the Jim Crow past, he wrote in Wednesday’s Haaretz.

      The difference is that institutionalized racism in the United States has gradually disappeared, whereas in Israel it’s alive and kicking as strong as ever. The Green Line has been obliterated too. It’s been one state for a while now. Why should Amnesty make the distinction? 1948 goes on. The Nakba goes on. A straight line connects Tantura and Jiljilya. In Tantura they massacred, in Jiljilya they caused an 80-year-old man to die, and in both cases Palestinian lives aren’t worth a thing.

      There is, of course, no propaganda without accolades for the justice system. “The important contribution of the government’s legal counsel and the courts, which, against a large political majority, prevented the banning of Arab candidates and lists for Knesset … An Arab party joining the coalition immediately puts the accusation of apartheid to ridicule,” wrote Kremnitzer.

      It’s so good to wave the High Court of Justice, which has not prevented a single occupation iniquity, and Mansour Abbas to prove there’s no apartheid. Seventy-four years of statehood without a new Arab city, without an Arab university or a train station in an Arab city are all dwarfed by the great whitewasher of the occupation, the High Court of Justice, and a minor Arab coalition partner, and even that one considered illegitimate.

      The world will continue to hurl the invective, Israel will continue to ignore it. The world will say apartheid, Israel will say antisemitism. But the evidence will keep piling up. What is written in the report does not stem from antisemitism, but will help strengthen it. Israel is the greatest motivator of antisemitic urges in the world today.

    • Israel’s incitement against Amnesty is part of broader delegitimization campaign against human rights defenders
      2022 February 3

      Geneva – The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched an incitement campaign against Amnesty International after the latter released a report on Tuesday concluding that Israel’s discriminatory and exclusionary laws, policies and practices against Palestinians amount to apartheid, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said in a statement.
      Amnesty’s conclusion that Israel is an apartheid state is consistent with the conclusions of many human rights organizations including the Geneva-based Euro-Med Monitor, the New York-based Human Rights Watch, and the Israel-based B’Tselem.

      The report is also in line with a report prepared by Euro-Med Monitor’s Chairman of Board of Trustees, Prof. Richard Falk, and the American expert, Virginia Tilley, in March of 2017. The report was prepared at the request of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). However, under political pressure, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres instructed the Executive Secretary of ESCWA, Rima Khalaf, to withdraw the report from the website. Khalaf submitted her resignation on March 17 in response, and the report was subsequently withdrawn from the website.

      Amnesty’s report comes a day after Euro-Med Monitor released a report on settler violence during 2021. The Euro-Med Monitor’s report concluded that settler violence is directed and sponsored by the Israeli government, which provides settlers protection during and after their attacks on Palestinians. State-sanctioned Settler violence is yet another clear evidence of the double standards that reflects discrimination and apartheid practiced by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories.

      Euro-Med Monitor expresses its solidarity with Amnesty, calling on the Israeli authorities to stop intimidating human rights defenders and take immediate measures to protect them and enable them to work easily and without penalties.

      The international community should take urgent measures to ensure the protection of Palestinian civilians from Israeli authorities’ violations and apartheid policies.

    • Israeli Apartheid Unmasked
      PCHR | Date : 2 February 2022

      The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights welcomes Amnesty International’s report on the Israeli apartheid system against Palestinians, and its conclusion that all Israeli institutions are involved in the apartheid system against Palestinians within Israel, the occupied Palestinian territory, and Palestinian refugees in diaspora. PCHR sees this stance by an international and pioneering organization against the Israeli apartheid against the Palestinian people is an invaluable contribution to the narratives that falls inline with previous reports issued less than a year ago by Human Rights Watch and B’Tselem. This definitely is a doorway leading to new opportunities of international collaboration to dismantle the last outpost of discrimination in the world.

      For more than quarter of a century, Palestinian human rights organizations documented the many facets of the Israeli apartheid system against Palestinians, best captured in the discriminative legal, legislative, political, and administrative foundations and practices that Israel employed to impose a Jewish hegemony over all territories under its control from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea. These practices inherently deprive Palestinians of their basic rights, dismantle Palestinian geography, fragment Palestinian society into administrative and political groups under Israeli control, not to mention the systematic usurpation of Palestinians’ natural resources and lands for the benefit of Jewish populations.

      A little over 20 years ago, in parallel with the first United Nations World Conference against Racism that was organized by the United Nations in Durban, South Africa in 2001, Palestinian civil society organizations sounded the alarm against the Israeli apartheid system. A parallel international civil society forum, with the majority of more than 1,300 non-governmental organizations, was held in Durban and released the Durban Declaration, which condemned Israel and its apartheid system against the Palestinian people, associating it with the past apartheid system in South Africa and all discriminative phenomena across the globe.

      Palestinian civil society and human rights organizations paid a hefty price in its struggle to unveil the Israeli apartheid system and its blatant and incessant breaches of international law at the expense of Palestinians. These organizations exerted all efforts to expose the practices by the Israeli apartheid and to end the Israeli impunity by pursuing legal channels to hold those responsible accountable. Over the years, Israel has countered with a relentless war against Palestinian civil society organizations, and human rights defenders to delegitimize them and dry up their sources of funding in its attempt to maintain its apartheid and its entrenched hegemony over the Palestinian people. This is evident in the recent classification of six Palestinian civil society organizations as terrorist organizations in November 2021, including 3 pioneering and internationally renowned human rights organizations.

      Raji Sourani, PCHR’s Director, commented about the Amnesty Report saying,

      “Israel has failed to silence our voices and delegitimize us. What we said more than 20 years ago is now repeated by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and B’Tselem. We do not stand alone anymore, and these international voices echo ours. The Israeli Apartheid’s mask fell off, and a new stage of struggle has started at the international level to take down the apartheid and end all its crimes against the Palestinian civilians.”

    • Point de presse du 1er février 2022 - France-Diplomatie-Ministère des Affaires étrangères

      2. Rapport d’Amnesty International

      Q - Amnesty International rend public aujourd’hui son rapport intitulé « L’apartheid d’Israël contre les Palestiniens : système cruel de domination et de crime contre l’humanité ». L’ONG estime que ce système d’apartheid est à l’oeuvre depuis 1948. Elle lance donc un appel au Bureau du Procureur de la CPI pour examine l’applicabilité du crime contre l’humanité de l’apartheid dans le cadre de son enquête lancée le 3 mars 2021 sur les crimes commis dans les territoires palestiniens occupés (TPO). Tout en prenant soin d’éviter la comparaison avec l’apartheid d’Afrique du sud, Amnesty pense que « l’Assemblée générale des Nations unies devrait rétablir le Comité spécial contre l’apartheid, qui a été créé à l’origine en novembre 1962, pour se concentrer sur toutes les situations, y compris Israël et les TPO ». Que pensez-vous de ce rapport et surtout, que pensez-vous de ces propositions ? Par ailleurs, le ministre israélien des affaires étrangères, Yaïr Lapid, parle, à propos de ce rapport, « d’antisémitisme ». Pensez-vous également que cela relève de l’antisémitisme ?

      R - Les services du ministère de l’Europe et des affaires étrangères examineront attentivement ce rapport.

      La position de la France sur le conflit israélo-palestinien est connue, constante, et fondée sur le droit international.

      La France continuera d’oeuvrer en faveur d’une solution à deux Etats, qui doit permettre l’établissement d’un Etat palestinien indépendant, démocratique et contigu, vivant aux côtés de l’Etat d’Israël dans la paix et la sécurité, dans le cadre du droit international et des résolutions du Conseil de sécurité.