• “Remember 48,” Israeli MK warns Palestinians of another ‘Nakba’ if they fly Palestinian flag
    May 25, 2022 - Quds News Network

    Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A member of the Israeli parliament, Israel Katz, warned on Monday Palestinians of another “Nakba” if they fly the Palestinian flag.

    On Tuesday morning, the Likud lawmaker put up a video on his twitter featuring him speaking at the parliament, threatening and “warning the Arab students, who are flying Palestine flags at universities: Remember 48. Remember our independence war and your Nakba, don’t stretch the rope too much. […] If you don’t calm down we’ll teach you a lesson that won’t be forgotten.”

    He continued, “Ask your elders, your grandfathers and grandmothers, and they will explain to you that in the end, the Jews awaken, they know to defend themselves and the idea of the Jewish state. Don’t stretch the rope too much.”

    In response, Aida Touma-Sliman from the Joint List of Palestinian parties countered him, “Are you threatening?”

    Katz answered, “Listen, listen, this is also meant for you.”

    He then claimed how Arabs in ‘Israel’ have it better than in told Arab country, with welfare and democracy, and chided Touma-Sliman for being a Communist, who joins “the worst of Israel’s enemies – they speak of coexistence, while supporting the enemies of Israel… we will bring this to an end”.

    Then he came with that final sentence, “If you don’t calm down, we’ll teach you a lesson that won’t be forgotten”.