• Chris Dixon thinks #web3 is the future of the internet — is it ? -
    via @baroug qui bosse sur les #NFT

    Yes, I know a lot of those people. I understand the argument. We just had Steve Aoki on the show. He is doing NFTs for exactly the reasons you described. Steve is a famous guy; he can just tweet, “I made an NFT,” and people will buy it. The unsigned musician — who is not making any money on Spotify — can go to one of your services if they hit scale, put an NFT up, and may still be in that long tail that does not make any money.

    It is early. I cannot prove a lot of these statements, but I am clearly betting on them. I think this is the chance to finally realize the “1,000 True Fans” visions. Kevin Kelly has a famous blog post from around 2002 where he mentions this great thing about the internet. For people like me, who were around for the first year of the internet, this was always the dream. You could now have someone who is into some kind of niche activity that most of the world does not love, but there are 1,000 people that really love it and are willing to patronize, buy books, and visit when there’s a talk.

    I believe that never happened in Web2. It did not happen because of the nature of the business models. They are very extractive — Facebook is well-known for this — and they will deliberately let you build a big organic reach, then change the algorithm to lower your reach and make you pay to get back there. They are incredibly sophisticated money extraction machines. This is why they are so profitable and so successful.

    (faudrait que je lise tout mais bon)

    • deux passages marrants sur les nft et leur vanité :

      Why do people value wearing fashion — like Supreme T-shirts — or cars? A lot of value in the world is about showing that you are early to something, that you are high-status, and that you have great taste.
      NFT culture is very familiar in the offline world, just applied to the online world.

      Why do you buy the wolf cloak in League of Legends? It’s high status, it’s funny, or it’s cool. You know that in those games, everything is cosmetic. To me, NFTs are very similar.