• ‘Israel’ admits killing five Gazan children at cemetery in latest bombardment
    August 16, 2022 - Quds News Network

    L to R: Nazmi Karsh, 15; Hamed Nijm, 16, Mohammad Nijm, 16, Jamil Ihab Nijm, 13; Jamil al-Din Nijm, 3, killed east of Jabalya in August.

    Besieged Gaza Strip (QNN)- Israeli war officials have confirmed that ‘Israel’ was responsible for the killing of five Palestinian children in the last day of the recent bombardment on the Gaza Strip after initially blaming Islamic Jihad movement.

    An army inquiry into the incident, which occurred on August 7 in the Al-Faluja Cemetery east of Jabalya refugee camp, has concluded that the five minors were killed by an Israeli airstrike, several war sources confirmed to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

    At the time of the airstrike, the Israeli forces claimed that the five were most likely killed by a misfired Islamic Jihad rocket.

    Cousins Jamil Nijm Jamil Nijm, 4, Jamil Ihab Nijm, 13, Hamed Haidar Hamed Nijm, 16 and Muhammed Salah Nijm, 16 were killed while they sat next to their grandfather’s grave in the cemetery in the northern Gaza Strip. The boys’ friend Nazmi Fayez Abdulhadi Abukarsh, 16, also died. (...)