• Pour faire face à la pénurie de profs, les Etats-Unis recrutent dans l’armée et abaissent le niveau d’étude exigé : https://seenthis.net/messages/950188.
    Ils recrutent aussi des profs des Philippines, qui s’endettent pour venir, découvrent des établissements délaissés, des conditions de travail très mauvaises et un travail exténuant.

    An American #education

    The Philippines and the United States have similar school calendars, curriculums and grading systems, which is why U.S. schools have hired more than 1,000 Filipino teachers in the past few years. Most Filipino teachers have master’s degrees or doctorates.

    [...] “One day teaching here is like a month in the Philippines,” another teacher said.

    “Five of these students is like 20 back home,” another said.

    [...] She told them that it had taken her a year to pay off her debts to the international teaching agency, two years to get her Arizona driver’s license and three years to move out of a bedroom she’d shared with other international teachers and into her own apartment. She’d applied for an extension on her J-1 visa to stay in Bullhead City for two extra years as she continued to figure out how to build strong relationships with her students. [...] She gradually moved beyond her Filipino instinct for classroom formality and began asking her students about their lives, and they introduced her to a version of America much different from what she’d first expected: abusive families, homelessness, surging drug overdose deaths, conspiratorial ideologies, loneliness, suicide, alcoholism and poverty every bit as bad as anything she’d encountered in the Philippines.