• Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Near Ramallah
    Nov 29, 2022 – – IMEMC News

    On Tuesday evening, Israeli soldiers killed a young Palestinian man after the army invaded the Al-Mughayyir village east of Ramallah, in the central part of the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian is the fourth, including two siblings, to be killed by the soldiers, Tuesday.

    The Palestinian Health Ministry said the soldiers shot Ra’ed Ghazi Na’san, 21, with several live rounds in the chest.

    Local nonviolent activist against the illegal Israeli Annexation Wall and Colonies, Kathem Haj Mohammad, said a large military force invaded the village and fired dozens of live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs at Palestinian youngsters who protested the invasion.

    He added that Ra’ed suffered serious gunshot wounds to the chest and was rushed to a clinic in the nearby Turmus Ayya town, and received essential first aid, before he was moved to the Istishari Hospital in Ramallah, where he was officially pronounced dead. (...)


    • Palestine: New video footage contradicts Israeli claim on civilian killing
      By MEE staff - Published date: 4 December 2022

      Israeli military says forces killed a Palestinian youth for throwing Molotov cocktail, a claim refuted by video


      The killing of 21-year-old Palestinian Raed al-Naasan at the hands of Israeli troops has been laid bare by new video evidence published by the BBC that contradicts Israel’s account of his murder.

      Naasan was one of five Palestinians killed by Israeli forces on 29 November.

      Israeli occupation forces initially claimed that Naasan was killed while throwing a Molotov cocktail.

      Israeli troops entered the village of al-Mughayyir in the occupied West Bank to demolish a Palestinian home that Israel claims was built illegally.

      Newly released footage of the minutes leading to Naasan’s killing reveals him and others throwing rocks at Israeli forces before two shots ring out, the second of which fatally wounds him.

      In his last moments, captured on camera, Naasan is seen running around a corner before stumbling to the ground just as emergency services arrive at the scene.

      Following Naasan’s death, the Israeli army said its soldiers responded with live ammunition after a suspect “spotted hurling Molotov cocktails [petrol bombs]” at them. 

      The new video evidence shows that neither Naasan nor any of the people around him were throwing any Molotov cocktails.

      In response to the killing, the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem said, “There are many cases of protests where the Palestinians are using rocks, stones and sometimes other means, and Israel’s army almost always uses disproportionate force.” (...)

    • West Bank footage throws spotlight on Israel’s use of lethal force
      Published 2 days ago By Tom Bateman - BBC Middle East Correspondent

      Israeli troops had entered the village warning of plans to demolish a Palestinian home.

      Footage shows a group of men and teenagers throwing rocks - then pulling back - as two shots ring out.

      Raed al-Naasan runs around a corner and collapses, blood seeping into his top, fatally wounded.

      He was killed on Tuesday - one of four Palestinians shot dead by Israeli troops during confrontations in different villages that day in the occupied West Bank.

      And now that footage of his killing is throwing a fresh spotlight on Israel’s use of lethal force, as violence in the region reaches levels unmatched in years.

      In the hours after his death the army said soldiers used live ammunition in response to a suspect “spotted hurling Molotov cocktails [petrol bombs]” at them. 

      But video evidence and eyewitnesses suggest this wasn’t the case when he was struck. (...)