• Openly Licensed Images, Audio and More | Openverse

    Projet »sponso« par WP.

    Openverse is a tool that allows openly licensed and #public_domain works to be discovered and used by everyone.

    Openverse searches across more than 300 million #images from open #APIs and the Common Crawl dataset. It goes beyond simple search to aggregate results across multiple public repositories into a single catalog, and facilitates reuse through features like machine-generated tags and one-click attribution.

    For many years, #Creative_Commons has offered its users a dedicated search portal for searching platforms that have #CC licensing filters built in. In fact, this is still maintained at oldsearch.creativecommons.org.

    For users of the legacy CC Meta Search site, the “External Sources” feature on Openverse will look familiar. The goal was to ensure that the functionality is not lost, but is updated and embedded within our new search engine for openly licensed content. In addition, the “External Sources” feature builds on this functionality, allowing us to quickly add new external sources as we discover them, and support new content types in the future, as we expand.