Agent d’ingérence étrangère : Alle die mit uns auf Kaperfahrt fahren, müssen Männer mit Bärten sein. Jan und Hein und Klaas und Pit, die haben Bärte, die haben Bärte. Jan und Hein und Klaas und Pit, die haben Bärte, die fahren mit.

  • Victims Of Anti-Communism with Vincent Bevins

    The historic sins of communism and fascism are well documented. Often ignored, however, is murder and violence done in the name of anti-communism, and how this underpinned new forms of empire during the Cold War.

    Aaron Bastani interviews author of ’Jakarta Method’, Vincent Bevins, to examine the historic legacy of anti-communism, and the murder programs done in its name.

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    00:00 - Introduction
    2:16 - The CIA-backed Massacre of the Indonesian Communist Party
    3:58 - What Was Third Worldism?
    6:26 - Who was President Sukarno?
    9:05 - Who Were the Leaders of the Third World?
    14:15 - The Birth of the CIA
    20:49 - The United States in Indonesia, 1958
    24:00 - Who Controlled the CIA?
    27:08 - How Was Sukarno Removed?
    33:14 - How Many Were Killed in Indonesia?
    36:25 - Did ‘Anti-Communism’ prefigure the War on Terror?
    40:12 - The Intersection of Anti-Communism and Indigenous Genocide
    45:35 - What Was ‘Operation Condor’?
    51:14 - Did Modern Globalisation Require Fanatical Anti-Communism?
    54:54 - Could Third Worldism Come Back?

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