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    As pokemon GO’s followers explode this summer, augmented reality games, involving the hunt for about 151 pokemon (nintendo characters, such as Pidgey, dragon, small water turtle, Pikachu, fine frog seeds and good) through a smartphone or tablet, the department of education may consider installing mobile phone jammers at education for the 2016-17 school year, in the interest of public policy and higher interest rates.

    This device, it can prevent emissions and cheap wifi jammer wave reception and block in a radius of the receiving networks, equivalent to the classroom or an institution. This is for instant messaging, photo sharing, video playing on YouTube or playing a very effective defense.

    However, this means that neither the student nor the national education staff can use his laptop at the hotel. There is no doubt about it, the main drag!
    In addition, the department will be required to have special authority to do so. In fact, some postal communication code L33-3-1 is prohibited to own and use any device, make all types of electronic communication devices in operation, both for display. Only authorized to own and use jammers in France, the army, the general administration for external security (secret services), prisons or theatres.

    However, many of them can then come to equip the device with the equivalent of the size of a lipstick or a pack of cigarettes to determine a teacher. The Internet and can freely in and out of the 60 euros, they must be in the process, the student’s full attention, because the scope is commonly 5 8 meters to activate a disturbance. Students can do as well or send text messages or watch movies, or play in their smartphone classrooms.

    Legally, it is forbidden! In fact, in this case the use is not allowed by law, and even to the responsibility of 30000 euros fines and jail 6, of the provisions in the first postal and electronic communications code L39-1.

    As for the risks involved, it seems to be low on some exchanges. Hide in his belongings (purse, coat, locker room, binder... ) and its use of the device proved to be very difficult to return if the teacher refused to be searched by the head teacher.

    In the years prior to the release, high power jammer were in the market, and these devices were used only in the defense department, but this situation has changed and now, they can be used by anyone to protect her privacy. In fact, even if we conclude that mobile phone jammers (or cell phone signal jammers) are very useful, everyone should have one.