• Resilient Spirits:

    It goes on all year from January to December
    When was your first time, I’m sure you remember
    Were you twelve or ten or still a kindergarten member
    Who was it trying to reduce your fire to an ember?

    From the womb to the tomb, you’re first and foremost your gender
    The treatment’s different by each and every offender
    Some heckle on the street, some make you a tender
    Some wait in the bars for you to go on a bender

    They acknowledge each other with a tip of a hat
    Then proceed to remark, “look at the tits on that”
    It’s not rare, it’s not “harmless”, it’s not “banter” or “chat”
    And he’s as likely a brat as a man in a cravat

    By rating you, harassing you, calling you “cutie”
    They claim you’re only worth your relative beauty
    They believe just accepting it must be your duty
    And if you “dare to retaliate” you’re acting “snooty”

    It’s alarming how many men think it’s their right
    To touch your body, to give you a fright
    They go “Don’t be mad, let’s have some fun, now, I won’t bite”
    Then follows “Lighten up, you frigid bitch, don’t be so uptight!”

    The sheer amount of trite stereotypes thrown at you
    Oh come on, take a number, there’s the end of the queue
    Sticks and stones can break bones, now that’s nothing new
    But not these sordid words because they aren’t true

    From an early age and throughout your young life
    You’re told “of course you’ll become a mother and wife”
    Where’s my freedom to choose, the brainwashing’s rife?!
    And when you disagree it’s you starting the strife

    Never mind, there’s no point to define you on your own
    If you try they will state “this one will always be alone”
    Using a belittling, patronising, contemptuous tone
    They want to shame you for not being yet one stereotype-clone

    In some countries young girls play with Barbie and Ken
    Whilst in others they are forced into the role of mother hen
    And before you answer this I say, sir, please count to ten
    Would this still be happening if the victims were men?

    In many countries women are deprived of their choice
    If we want children at all and if so then not just boys
    Thus we need to keep vocal, to make a lot of noise
    And make sure that we give all women back their voice

    Since being bold and assertive gets you labelled “a bossy bitch”
    Told to get back in the kitchen and make him a sandwich
    Ask for a raise and get judged for “trying to get rich”
    No better way to stifle the high performance itch

    In school even with superior academic prowess
    Women are made to feel something other, something less
    Like the female champion who “never beat a healthy man at chess”
    Or that smart girl with glasses who “knows not how to dress”

    Female students are supposed a welcome diversity
    But how can you believe it when in university
    Rape jokes, spotted pages boom among the varsity
    And professors question our scholarly ability

    Yet we’re conditioned to be nice to all those rude, snobby men
    It’s no wonder there are so few women entering STEM
    It is clearly not us who have an aptitude problem
    Instead the attitude towards females is hindering them

    This all comes from a long line of patriarchy
    And everything against it is called anarchy
    They try to silence women with gormless malarkey
    And then throw up their hands when the response is snarky

    Unbelievably complaints, demonstrations or legal action
    Are not enough of a sign to convince even a good fraction
    Of politicians wanting to control our rights of reproduction
    To make violence against women a well-recognised malefaction

    There’s no equality as long as most men benefit
    From the conduct of subgroup who act however they see fit
    Current laws and prosecution aren’t effective against it
    As long as the society keeps complying with this shit

    We’re taught it’s asking for it if you’re being a flirt
    And women are the ones most often blamed for “getting” hurt
    Often when an assault “happens” the victim’s treated like dirt
    Asked by the authorities “and how short was your skirt?”

    What they left out is it’s most often someone you know
    Someone you trusted with your heart and your soul
    And these men simply don’t care that there’s a word such as “no”
    Thus it’s the enabling of rape culture that has to go

    Otherwise we’ll systematically be claimed to be “loose sluts”
    and the right to your body by every self-entitled putz
    Savvy women in politics face persecution for their guts
    And catcalling by charming colleagues in public about their butts

    There is instant recognition of hate speech about race
    But women constantly get their gender spat at their face
    We’re snarled at with conviction that we should know our place
    But we are going to change all that with both courage and grace

    Currently it’s still our reputation we mustn’t endanger
    Like ancestors out of wedlock with a child in a manger
    Even now it’s made a point of females avoiding danger
    To not venture out late or to not trust a stranger

    It’s universal through every country, culture and nation
    In practice we aren’t equal to the male population
    It’s not dependent on status, economics or station
    But the blame can be tackled with tailored laws and education

    Today unwanted overtures, upskirt videotaping
    Are minor offences at best, barely a tad more than japing
    And then we stand and stare in utter disbelief gaping
    How on Earth can they still blame us that men continue raping

    Yet you don’t even get a break alone at your desk
    The web’s full of misogynists sending you violent threats
    Trolls wishing you’ll be tortured and die a grisly death
    Perverts posting revenge porn without breaking a sweat

    Women’s bodies are treated like objects on display
    It’s a matter in which we most often don’t have a say
    On a girls’ night out men yell, “yeah, sway baby, sway”
    And I wonder when it was that things turned out in this way

    Media’s depiction of women as thin dispensable dolls,
    On-screen sexualised violence and porn are taking their toll
    The man beats and rapes, the girl is just a bunch of holes
    Is this really their view of natural, healthy gender roles?

    Plus Hollywood is certainly doing women no favour
    The violence in film’s been getting graver and graver
    And what do they say “well, we add it for flavour”
    Not a big consolation for real life victims of their world

    There’s a shout “hey watch out, you shouldn’t eat that cake”
    An advert screams “First lose weight then get breasts that are fake”
    How much more of this nonsense can a girl take?
    Advertisers for profit, shut up already for God’s sake

    We are smarter than that, can’t use us to boost your sales
    We are #notbuyingit nor slaves for mirrors or scales
    We are women and girls, we have the same rights as males
    And it’s high time we stand up and start telling our tales

    And you, sometimes you find yourself wondering
    If there’s any point or truth in questioning
    But women are resilient spirits, this is just the beginning
    And equal rights for everybody is the rightful thing