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  • What should I do after the towel turns yellow?

    What should I do after the hotel polyester printed instant cool sports towel quotation turn yellow? The best way is to use color bleaching detergent, but you need to use hot water (generally above 60 ℃), after washing, throw in water to rinse, the automatic elution machine can use steam to The cold water is heated to reach this temperature. If the yellowing is serious, use a reducing agent to reduce the treatment (temperature is about 60 ℃, bath ratio is 1:20 water), after 5 minutes, just add water normally.

    When handing over hotel multicolor sports instant cooling towel free sample to the laundry factory, the hotel should carefully check whether the laundry is clean and whether the washing equipment is advanced, and try to pick those large-scale and advanced technology laundry plants. With the triple guarantee of high-quality equipment, washing technology and professional detergents, hotel towels are more worry-free to wash.

    The above is the treatment method for the hotel towels and bath towels that the towel factory shared for everyone today. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!


  • What are the causes of hotel damage caused by small towels?

    There are several reasons why the hotel towels are damaged:
    1. The feeding time is not correct during washing. Do not feed when the amount of water in the machine is insufficient. Pay particular attention to bleaching chemicals. This will easily concentrate the detergent on the wholesale embroidery microfiber sport towel and damage the towel.

    2. Improper use of bleach. Laundry should be used with caution in bleaching detergents, especially bleaching powder (chlorine bleaching agent). If the temperature is not appropriate, the concentration is too high, too much residue after washing, etc. will cause the microfiber sublimation printed sports towel to change color or even appear small holes.

    3. The towel is stained with corrosive chemicals. Some of the various cleaning products used in the hotel are corrosive, especially some strong acid detergents have a great impact on cotton fabrics. If the waiter collects or cleans the room, the cotton fabrics will be accidentally stained with these detergents If it is not cleaned immediately, the wholesale microfiber custom printed towel will be partially damaged and the fastness will be poor.

    4. Misuse of detergent. The cleaning agents in the laundry room are all chemical products, which require certain knowledge and responsibility and correct use. Otherwise, there may be mistakes in the mixing of the washing products, or even the wrong feeding, which will also lead to this result.

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  • Performance advantages of mobile crusher

    Mobile crusher is in the original ground stone production line by modified later developed, it is the set of crushing, conveying, screening in one of the new crushing production line, in the field of urban construction has superior position, can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, road industry, according to the equipment equipped with an internal crushing equipment of different can be divided into: mobile jaw crushing station, counter type mobile crusher. In the broken field, mobile crusher has the following incomparable advantages:
    1, strong adaptability
    mobile crusher can according to the user’s needs arbitrary configuration of the crushing equipment and screening system, can work independently and other equipment can also work with other equipment, so a strong adaptability.
    2, the degree of integration is high
    Eliminating the process of the installation of the equipment, reducing the need for manpower and material resources, and improving the flexibility of the stationed site.
    3, flexible and flexible
    Break due to environmental constraints of crushing equipment, which is not limited to a particular environment of broken can be arbitrary in general road travel is also can through the rugged road, which not only saves the time is also conducive to the operation of equipment in different environment.
    4, high degree of automation
    mobile crusher can use the central control system to control the whole process, greatly reducing the need for human, saving time and improving the efficiency of the process..
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