• How losing iMessage could mean losing your friends | The Verge

    Apple’s iMessage is among the few apps that have stood the test of time. In fact, it’s proven a requirement for anyone hoping to maintain a real-world relationship with the teen. When one of her friends lagged behind in upgrading to an iPhone, she was effectively shut out of Schwartz’s inner circle. “Not because we didn’t like her, but we just weren’t in contact with her,” she explains.

    Comment iMessage (ou n’importe quelle application) régit nos interactions avec nos proches - exclusion et cercle fermé (Question que je me pose : si on change tant de canal de communication - twitter instagram lassitude de facebook, whatsapp snapchat etc - n’est-ce pas pour raviver des interactions qui s’appauvrissent quand on a épuisé le caractère nouveau du canal ?)