The Changing Role of the ISP


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    In a recent survey conducted by Corero, the majority of IT security professionals (53%) believe that ISPs are hiding behind net neutrality laws as a way to dodge their responsibilities when it comes to protecting their customers from DDoS attacks. Defending against these types of attacks is an important area of focus for service providers, given their bandwidth capacity and volume of customers – and the fact that they are uniquely positioned to eliminate bad traffic upstream from appropriate peering points, before it even reaches their customers’ networks, is beginning to create customer demand for them to do more.

    In the same survey, the majority of respondents (59%) worry that their ISP does not provide enough protection against DDoS attacks, and almost a quarter (24%) would go as far as to blame their ISP in the event of a DDoS attack affecting their business. This has potentially serious consequences, because over a fifth of those surveyed (21%) said that they would leave their service provider if they did not offer adequate protection against DDoS attacks.

    Customers have clearly come to expect their telcos to do something about the decaying mélange of internet traffic and increasingly sophisticated attack vectors. They expect to be able to pay for a ‘clean pipe’ of good traffic, where the threats have been proactively removed.

    So why are some ISPs reluctant to deliver this?

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