How to get banned from Uber


  • How to get banned from Uber - MarketWatch

    Uber released a set of guidelines Thursday for behavior that could get Uber passengers banned from the service and drivers suspended from the app. Many of these guidelines are common sense principles, said Harry Campbell, a driver who blogs about the ride-hailing industry at The RideShare Guy, but drivers are still waiting to see how much of an effect they will have.

    “It seems to provide more clarity, but I don’t know that they’re more transparent,” Campbell said.
    Additionally, passengers are told they cannot “touch or flirt with other people in the car,” including other passengers and the driver.If drivers fall below the star-rating minimum after multiple notifications from the company, they will loss access to their account.


    This policy helps explain the kinds of behavior that may lead riders to lose access to Uber. Please remember that if you’re traveling in a group, or you allow other people to take trips with your account, you are responsible for their behavior in the car.

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