• Iran Seizes Tanker Smuggling Fuel to Arab States in Persian Gulf – Al-Manar TV Lebanon

    Au-delà de l’info, à savoir le troisième « incident » de ce genre... J’ai du mal à comprendre cette contrebande (?) : l’article dit bien (fin de la citation) qu’il s’agit du fuel iranien mais l’Iran ne cherche-t-il pas justement à exporter au maximum son pétrole malgré les sanctions US, et donc en prenant quelques libertés avec les règlements (par ex. en éteignant les signaux de ses pétroliers, en organisant des livraisons au large, etc.) De quelle contrebande s’agit-il par conséquent ? Si quelqu’un a des lumières ?

    Iran has confiscated a foreign oil tanker in the Persian gulf that was smuggling fuel to some Arab countries.

    A commander with Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Ramezan Zirahi, told Fars news agency on Sunday that patrols from the IRGC’s Naval District 2 had seized the ship near the Persian Gulf island of Farsi on Wednesday night after intelligence gathering.

    “The foreign vessel was receiving fuel from other ships and was transferring it to the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf,” he said, without naming countries. “700,000 liters of fuel have been seized and seven sailors, from different nationalities, have been detained.”

    Zirahi said coordination for the detainment had been made with judicial sources.

    On July 14, the IRGC seized the Panamanian-flagged Riah tanker for smuggling one million liters of Iranian fuel south of Larak Island in the Persian Gulf.

  • India becomes “frontline” state in US war plans against China - World Socialist Web Site

    India becomes “frontline” state in US war plans against China
    7 March 2017

    India is to become a major service and repair hub for the US Seventh Fleet—the armada that is at the center of US war preparations against China.

    Last month the Pentagon awarded a contract, said to be worth up to $1.5 billion over the next five years, to a shipyard in Gujarat to maintain the Seventh Fleet’s warships, patrol and service vessels.

    This is a strategic move aimed at giving flesh and blood to last August’s agreement opening India’s military bases and ports to routine use by the US military for the resupply and repair of its warplanes and warships.

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    • Ils ont intérêt à vérifier plutôt deux fois qu’une le boulot effectué dans les chantiers navals !

      La frégate a chaviré lors de la remise à flot du dock.

      Indian Navy frigate INS Betwa capsized in dock, two missing

      On Dec 5 Indian Navy frigate INS Betwa slipped off blocks in a dry dock, while leaving dock, and capsized. 14 crew injured, 2 missing, one of them believed to remain trapped inside. The ship was undergoing refit at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai. On a photo from dnaindia.com capsized frigate.
      INS Betwa (F39) is a Brahmaputra-class guided missile frigate of Indian Navy, displacement 3850 tons, armament missiles, guns, torpedoes, crew 440-450, commissioned in 2004.

      Elle vient tout juste d’être redressée.

      Indian Naval Ship Righted After Dock Accident

      Resolve was contracted to conduct an immediate dive survey, then to stabilize, block and support the vessel to allow the drydock to be fully dewatered. Working alongside the Indian Navy, crews inspected all compartments of the vessel, then proceeded to patch and repair all damages, and secure all openings.

      With a sophisticated engineering plan in place, salvage teams were able to complete extensive repairs to the internal tanks as well as the side shell of the vessel. By systematically flooding and pumping compartments, the vessel was rolled upright and done so without the use of any external lifting force.

      The entire salvage operation was concluded in less than two months and required complex hydrodynamic calculations and the use of intricate measuring and monitoring systems.

      The news of the vessel’s righting comes as a board of inquiry constituted to investigate how the INS Betwa toppled found that human error had led to the accident. The incident is reported to have occurred due to a miscalculation of the load distribution equilibrium.

      INS Betwa is expected to be operational by April 2018.

  • Iranian Cargo Ship Reportedly Destroyed by Rocket Off Yemen – gCaptain

    Photo posted by Ansar Burney Trust allegedly showing the attack on an Iranian cargo off Yemen.

    Seven people are believed to have been killed in an apparent rocket attack on a Iranian cargo ship in the Red Sea off Yemen, Pakistani sources are reporting.

    The Ansar Burney Trust, a human and civil rights organization in Pakistan, posted pictures of the alleged attack on its Facebook page. The organization said, citing its sources, that the Iranian-flagged cargo ship MV Jouya-8 was hit by a rocket and destroyed off Yemen.

    All seven missing are reportedly Pakistani nationals. One person is believed to have survived. 

    Ansar Burney Trust International has received information through its sources that an unfortunate ship namely “MV JOUYA-8” has been hit by a rocket in Sea of Yemen and reportedly destroyed… so far one Pakistani has managed to survive some how who has managed to swim towards some island,” Ansar Burney said in a statement posted to its Facebook page. 

    The Pakistani news agency Geo News said the attack occurred Wednesday night as the ship was underway from Egypt to Dubai.