How We Engineered CMS Airship to be Simply Secure


  • How We Engineered CMS Airship to be Simply Secure - Paragon Initiative Enterprises Blog

    CMS Airship is a Free Software content management system (available on Github) that we introduced to the world last year.

    We chose to build CMS Airship for two reasons:

    The population of online publishers that need a content management system significantly dwarfs the population of web designers or software developers.
    The existing content management systems offered inadequate security and neglected to cultivate a culture that promotes better security practices. (Often, they sacrifice security entirely in pursuit of adoption and market share.)
    Although we have tried for years (and will continue to try) to improve the security posture of other open source CMS platforms, we believe that truly democracised publishing is only possible if a secure-by-default option is available today.

    #sécurité_informatique #idée_pour_spip

    • CMS Airship is the only open source CMS in the PHP ecosystem that offers cryptographically secure automatic updates.