Don’t fall into the trap


  • Abdel Bari Atwan conseille à Lakhdar Brahimi de refuser la charge onusienne de succéder à Kofi Annan :

    Personally I hope that Mr Brahimi refuses this serious task and apologises for the sake of his credibility. He must avoid falling into the trap prepared for him to break up Syria as a prelude to the fragmentation of the whole region.

    We should note that Kofi Annan did not fail but the United States and Western countries and other Arab countries deliberately thwarted him because he promoted a dialogue that maintained the territorial integrity Syrian and stopped the bloodshed of the Syrian people, preventing sectarian civil war and interventions of the great powers.

    Kofi Annan wanted to involve all regional powers in a political solution, as he believed that a military solution would be devastating. So, he went to Tehran, Baghdad, Istanbul, Riyadh and Moscow, but the United States and its allies in the region do not want a political solution, they prefer to destroy Syria just like Iraq and the Palestinian resistance were destroyed. They dragged the region into false peace to weaken them in order to serve the ultimate interests of Israel.