the model, the hype, and the controversy


  • OpenAI’s GPT-2: the model, the hype, and the controversy

    if we had an open-source model that could generate unlimited human-quality text with a specific message or theme, could that be bad?

    I think the answer is yes. It’s true that humans can already write fake news articles, and that governments already recruit thousands of people to write biased comments tailored towards their agenda. But an automated system could: (1) enable bad actors, who don’t have the resources to hire thousands of people, to wage large-scale disinformation campaigns; and (2) drastically increase the scale of the disinformation campaigns already being run by state actors. These campaigns work because humans are heavily influenced by the number of people around them who share a certain viewpoint, even if the viewpoint doesn’t make sense. Increasing the scale should correspondingly increase the influence that governments and companies have over what we believe.

    To combat this, we’ll need to start to researching detection methods for AI-generated text.

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