• What Can Be Learned From The Gutenberg Accessibility Situation ? — Smashing Magazine

    The accessibility lead, Rian Rietveld, resigned in October, citing political and codebase issues.

    The second thing is that Automattic set a hard deadline for WordPress 5’s release, regardless of whether accessibility issues were fixed or not.

    You’ll probably find it shocking that a crowd funding campaign has been put together to get an accessibility audit done on Gutenberg.

    The Gutenberg editor, which is a product of Automattic’s influence on WordPress who (as a company) were valued at over $1 Billion in 2014 are not paying for a much-needed accessibility audit. They are instead sitting back and waiting for everyone else to pay for it.Perhaps if accessibility was considered at the very start of the project, the process of creating, editing and moving blocks would be a lot simpler and thus, not a cognitive overload. The problem now is that accessibility is a fix rather than a core feature.

    L’histoire d’une mauvaise gestion de « transition » (pour ne pas dire projet) qui montre bien qu’on peut se « planter » même si on a une grande communauté et plein de pognon...