Can artists and their art pieces still make us think ?



    Art and politics have always interacted. The artist often aims to defend political positions and art is frequently used as a tool for propaganda. There is also a trend of embellishing poverty and using it as a business. Silvestre does not claim to want to save the world with her artistic creations. But she thinks it’s important to depict the reality of her time. Future generations can see how yesterday’s artists have interpreted the social, political, and cultural reality of their times.

    There is also a trend of using political engagement as a business. Some artists claim to be engaged artists, a label that serves as bait but has no political significance. Political engagement can sell and can fall into a conformist political engagement. Conformist political engagement addresses popular current affairs or issues that are no longer taboo. Artists choose to orient their art as an influential medium at the political, social, or cultural level. Art can make people think and question, but art that changes the world remains utopian.

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