Liberal Zionists, face the facts : There’s already only one state from the river to the sea - Middle East News


  • Liberal Zionists, face the facts: There’s already only one state from the river to the sea - Middle East News -

    It [Liberal Zionism] [...] opposes the #occupation, at least rhetorically, but also opposes offering Palestinians in the West Bank Israeli citizenship or offering refugees any right of return today, both of which it equates with Israel’s “#destruction.”

    There is a lot of slippery language used when discussing alleged “destruction.” What does it really mean?

    Sometimes the word is used to refer to those who genuinely seek to incite or inflict violence on Israeli Jews. Other times “destruction” refers to the alleged threat posed by the “right of return,” the claim of Palestinian refugees – expelled by Israel or those who fled the war – to return to their homes, or the homes of their parents or grandparents. And yet other times the word “destruction” refers to any demand for Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories, or for equal rights now for Palestinians living in the West Bank.

    All of this is conflated into a vague notion of “destroying Israel,” with implications of mass slaughter or the full-scale expulsion of Israeli Jews.

    Much of this discourse of “destruction” obscures key problematic assumptions, of which the most critical is this: There is today one state from the river to the sea.

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    • Those who argue that Palestinians in the West Bank must not be enfranchised because Israel would then fail to have a Jewish majority – or that granting the disenfranchised Arabs equality would threaten the currently empowered Jews either politically or physically – are essentially making the argument for #apartheid. (In fact, defenders of South African apartheid literally made this case, that they feared violence should the black majority be enfranchised.)

      Indeed, when Israel’s Education Minister recently backed “extend[ing] Israeli sovereignty to all of Judea and Samaria,” but Palestinians there “won’t have a right to vote,” he was asked if that didn’t constitute apartheid. Rafi Peretz didn’t rule out the option that yes, it is.

      Those comments received minimal pushback by liberal Zionists. That’s astonishing.

      Israel’s education minister: [...] Palestinians ’shouldn’t vote’ - Israel News -

      Asked whether this does not constitute apartheid, Peretz didn’t rule out the option that it is.