Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies | Oliver P. Richmond


  • 67 books about making peace, not war

    Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies | Oliver P. Richmond | Springer
    “This agenda-setting series of research monographs, now more than a decade old, provides an interdisciplinary forum aimed at advancing innovative new agendas for approaches to, and understandings of, peace and conflict studies and International Relations. Many of the critical volumes the series has so far hosted have contributed to new avenues of analysis directly or indirectly related to the search for positive, emancipatory, and hybrid forms of peace. New perspectives on peacemaking in practice and in theory, their implications for the international peace architecture, and different conflict-affected regions around the world, remain crucial. This series’ contributions offers both theoretical and empirical insights into many of the world’s most intractable conflicts and any subsequent attempts to build a new and more sustainable peace, responsive to the needs and norms of those who are its subjects.”