CppCast : OpenVDB with Ken Museth


  • OpenVDB with Ken Museth

    Rob and Jason are joined by Ken Museth the CEO of Voxel Tech. They first discuss a blog post about std::embed and the new version of Qt that was just released. Then they talk to Ken Museth about OpenVDB a C++ library for working with volumetric data used in Visual Effects, Scientific Simulations and more. Ken Museth is CEO and co-founder of Voxel Tech which contracts to tech companies primarily in the movie and aerospace industries. Ken currently does contract work for SpaceX and Weta Digital. Previously he was director of R&D and Senior Principal Engineer at Dreamworks Animation. He was also a professor in computer graphics at Linkoping University and a visiting faculty member and research scientist at Caltech. He worked on trajectory design for the Genesis space mission at (...)