Death-trapped in a burning cage - the Ashulia inferno


  • Death-trapped in a burning cage - the Ashulia inferno

    Sur l’incendie à l’usine de textile à #Dacca le 24 novembre 2012

    Another fire in a Bangladeshi garment factory, over 120 lives lost and more than a hundred injured - the only difference this time from the many other factory fires in the past 30 years is the scale of the deaths and human suffering. It is this that makes it ’worthy’ of comment, for a brief moment, in the international media. But fire is an occupational hazard for both bosses and workers in this industry. For employers - and their foreign buyers whose brand names are on the labels - it is merely part of a cost and profitability equation and an element of Corporate Image management. This particular death-trap factory was operated by Tazreen Fashion Ltd in the Dhaka industrial suburb of Ashulia and supplied, among other major brands, C & A in the UK and Walmart in the US.

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