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  • Why does #Transmit sometimes hang when I try opening
    files into #BBEdit ?

    Transmit (or any other file transfer app) may sometimes hang when you try opening files into BBEdit on any Mac running OS X 10.8.2.

    This problem is due to an event-handling bug in OS X 10.8.2 which we and other developers (including Panic) have already reported to Apple.

    If you encounter this problem, here are a couple of alternative approaches you can take:

    – Use Transmit’s “Mount as Disk” capability to attach the server(s)
    you work with as locally-mounted volume(s) from which you can
    open & edit files.
    – Open remote files directly into BBEdit via File → Open from
    FTP/SFTP Server.

    même problème, mais j’ai finalement trouvé une autre autre solution : j’ai créé une action #automator « open with bbedit », que j’ai stockée dans le répertoire de BBEdit, et que j’utilise comme application externe d’édition de fichiers

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