The Map | Harass Map


  • Une carte participative qui recense les actes de harcèlement sexuels quotidiens que subissent les femmes en Égypte.

    The Map | Harass Map

    The HarassMap map has many functions. It is a tool for victims and witnesses all over Egypt to anonymously share their experiences of harassment, and to report it. The map collects all reports, and each report appears on the map as a red dot. When you click on it, the full text of the report is displayed. Looking at the map gives you an overview of where harassment happens, as well as the opportunity to delve deeper and learn more about the individual stories.

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    • Un peu tard, mais je découvre, donc merci.
      Un bon moyen de montrer le harcèlement sexuel, 828 victimes au Caire, ça fait beaucoup ! En france, une carte des violences faites aux femmes serait surement intéressante, savoir et voir cartographiées les victimes de Neuilly-sur-seine de Levallois ou de Trifouillis-les-oies.