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    The modern web is “missing” a few important pieces which would make it much more useful.


    A weakness of existing decentralised network models is the binding of network identity with the physical server where it resides; for example if you are “”, your identity is often tied permanently to “”. We see this as a problem. Many hubs on the Indie Web are run by enthusiasts with varying skill levels and financial resources - and the technology is changing quite rapidly. Often the cost or workload involved in maintaining these services becomes a burden (or hardware fails) and people or entire social communities are left stranded when their server goes offline. They may have to “start over” building their social circle from scratch when this happens. In some cases communities are unable to recover from this kind of disruption and the entire community dissolves.
    We’ve been working on decentralisation for several years and have seen this happen time and time again. Within the Red Matrix, identity is nomadic. You can take your identity, and all your friends and associates with you - to any other hub in the network, at any time. If your hub goes offline for any reason, you have the ability to relocate to any other hub and carry on as if nothing happened. You still have all your friends and associations.


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