How Advanced Is the NSA’s Cryptanalysis — And Can We Resist It ? | Wired Opinion


  • How Advanced Is the NSA’s Cryptanalysis — And Can We Resist It? | Bruce Schneier | Wired

    There’s a saying inside the NSA: “Cryptanalysis always gets better. It never gets worse.” It’s naive to assume that, in 2013, we have discovered all the mathematical breakthroughs in cryptography that can ever be discovered. There’s a lot more out there, and there will be for centuries. (...)

    The NSA has a lot of people thinking about this problem full-time. According to the black budget summary, 35,000 people and $11 billion annually are part of the Department of Defense-wide Consolidated Cryptologic Program. Of that, 4 percent — or $440 million — goes to “Research and Technology.”

    That’s an enormous amount of money; probably more than everyone else on the planet spends on cryptography research put together. I’m sure that results in a lot of interesting — and occasionally groundbreaking — cryptanalytic research results, maybe some of it even practical.

    Still, I trust the mathematics.

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    • Une piste : les clés sont réparties dans un espace immense qui peut être cartographié. Imaginons, et c’est déjà le cas, que certaines parties de cet espace soient plus faciles à casser que d’autres.
      Si par malheur votre algorithme de génération ne sait pas refuser certaines clés, il se trouve que vous pouriez publier des clés publiques que l’on sait susceptibles d’être « travaillées ».