• Israeli Cabinet Voted to Assassinate #Arafat Year Before He Died Tikun-Olam Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם

    The Gatekeepers, originally a documentary film and now a book, continues to offer a wealth of inside information about the Israeli national security apparatus. The latest tidbit an Israeli friend gleaned is this September 2003 Yediot article recounting the decisions made during an Israeli security cabinet meeting chaired by then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon:

    He Will Be Gotten Rid Of

    The cabinet decision of last night to get rid of Yasser Arafat has no immediate impact since the timing has not been determined. Sharon, who formulated the decision [during the meeting], preferred to leave the matter vague and indeterminate between expulsion or assassination. The decision was supported by every member of the [security] cabinet except for Interior Minister Poraz, who opposed.

    Within 14 months of this meeting, Arafat was dead. It is about as clear as anything can be that the cabinet voted to give Sharon carte blanche to determine where, how and when to remove Arafat as a threat to Israel. Sharon could choose life (in exile) or death. We know the result. It almost doesn’t matter whether Swiss forensic scientists can prove he was poisoned and by whom. We know who did it. We just don’t know precisely how he achieved the result.

    There is a wealth of circumstantial evidence offered by an Israeli confidant of Sharon and others arguing that Sharon intended to kill Arafat. This news report adds another piece to the puzzle.

  • Businessman alleges #Canada gave Israeli spy new identity

    MONTREAL — Passport Canada secretly supplied a new identity and passport to a #Mossad agent living in Canada after the Israeli spy participated in the 2010 plot to kill a leader of terrorist group Hamas in a #Dubai hotel, a Montreal businessman has alleged.

    Mysterious Canadian-Iranian businessman Arian Azarbar made the startling allegations in an exclusive interview with QMI Agency.

    Azarbar says he learned about the top secret operation during a relationship he had with Trina Kennedy, a senior national security investigator at Passport Canada.


    Alexis Pavelich, a spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander (responsible for Passport Canada), did not answer any questions about Azarbar’s allegations.

    QMI Agency reported Friday that Alexander ordered an internal probe and Kennedy had been relieved of her duties after Azarbar made a series of allegations about her to federal authorities.

    Canada Welcomes Mossad Assassin, Offers Him New Identity

    I’ve confirmed that the story is accurate through my own Israeli source. When asked, he said it would be fruitless even to try to deny it since the story came straight from the horse’s mouth (Canadian intelligence). There are many astonishing aspects of this story. First, in light of Israel cloning passports of dual citizens of nations like France, Ireland, Australia and the UK, it didn’t even have to take the trouble with Canada. That nation perpetrated the identity fraud on Israel’s behalf. Can you imagine a country creating a fake identity for an intelligence agent of a foreign country? It beggars belief. Second, this means that Canada doesn’t tolerate the presence of Mossad agents on its soil, it welcomes them. A country like the U.S. begrudgingly accepts that Israel is the third most intensive intelligence presence inside the U.S.. But not Canada. It’s motto is the old Monty Hall shout-out to the TV prize winner: “come on down!”