“Top secret” Shin Bet memo suggested dead Arafat would benefit Israel


  • Israel Eavesdropped on President Clinton’s Diplomatic Phone Calls

    The wiretapping revelations will likely be greeted in Israel as explosive, analysts said, not for what the conversations exposed so much as the fact that they were leaked –.

    Pourtant, le contenu des fuites est intéressant, en ce qu’il dévoile, une fois de plus, les mensonges d’Israël.


    Clinton’s message to Assad was that Barak could not go public with the pledge for fear of a negative reaction in Israel.


    “Mr. President, let me try and finish,” Clinton said to Assad, according to Bregman’s transcript. “[Barak’s] afraid that if he mentions explicitly the 4 June line, the matter will be leaked – and it would not be your fault, Mr. President, but because in Israel the nature of everything is to be leaked… He’s afraid that over a period of time, the public in Israel, before its vote [in a referendum] would only hear about 4 June without understanding whether there was a [Syrian] response to [Israel’s] security interests… or to any other issue.”

    Earlier, Israeli intelligence had also intercepted a telephone call from a Syrian diplomat, Riad Daoudi, and his boss, Foreign Minister Farouk al-Shara, after Daoudi met secretly with an Israeli emissary in Switzerland, according to Bregman. “Sir, the situation now… is a bit tense,” Daudi said after meeting with retired Israeli Gen. Uri Saguy, who, according to the transcript, confirmed Clinton’s message that Barak would not repudiate an earlier secret pledge on the border issue by his predecessor, but “can’t in any way declare” it publicly.


    In the end, a combination of al-Shara’s harsh public statements on Israel and both Syria and Jerusalem’s intransigence on the Galilee border issue proved fatal to the talks. “Shara has screwed us… “ Clinton told Barak on Dec. 15, 1999, according to a transcript acquired by Bregman. “I think that the most important thing for you is the Sea of Galilee. If I were in your place I would be concerned that someone” — Syria — “could try to poison the water of the Sea of Galilee….”

    But only a few weeks later, Albright lashed out at the prime minister, blaming Israel for the deadlock in the negotiations and for “playing with” Clinton’s credibility . "Very frankly...in all our history we haven’t had so many telephone conversations, the vast majority of which were on your initiative, and in these conversations you said it was very important to advance on the Syrian track...and we took it very seriously,” she told Barak, according to a Jan. 10, 2000 transcript obtained by Bregman. ”But you surprised us… because you have made the decision not to progress fast… Nothing has happened from your side… You have not got a better friend than the U.S. and you have no better friend than Clinton and you have played with his credibility… They [the Syrians] have been flexible … and we are concerned.”

    Un compte-rendu israélien en français :

    Israël aurait mis sous écoute Bill Clinton | i24news - Voir plus loin

    Un nouveau rapport du magazine Newsweek affirme qu’une unité du renseignement de l’armée israélienne a mis sous écoute les appels de l’ancien président américain Bill Clinton lors de pourparlers de paix entre Israël et la Syrie, ainsi que lors de ceux de Camp David avec les Palestiniens en 2000.

    Le site d’information Ynet rapporte que ces informations se basent sur un livre à paraître écrit par le professeur de science politique israélien Aharon Bregman, qui cite des « sources privées » anonymes.