• Go Gandalf ! // Ian McKellen: ’My ambition is to get better as an actor’ | Culture | The Guardian

    Over the past couple of years, McKellen has visited more than 50 secondary schools on behalf of Stonewall, the campaign group he co-founded. “It’s wonderful,” he says. “I’ve met kids who think they’re anti-gay and you talk to them and it turns out they don’t know much about it, it’s not a subject that is talked about. But [to see] a young gay person who, at 14 knows, and comes out successfully to his parents and family, teachers and friends, it’s astonishing. When you hear people saying, ’You shouldn’t be talking about homosexuality in schools,’ well, if you don’t there is going to be another generation of people who are confused, bewildered, suspicious, threatened. These kids aren’t threatened by it.”