Confessions of a white Oxbridge male


  • #Confessions of a white Oxbridge male
    Simon Kuper

    I feel very little sense of achievement. I didn’t get here on merit. I was born to be a minor establishment functionary


    My #caste produces the #opinions that most British people are expected to swallow. However, the one topic we seldom discuss honestly is our own rule. So let me try to describe how it looks from up here.


    Perry quotes the American writer John Scalzi, who “thought that being a straight white male was like playing the computer game called Life with the difficulty setting on ‘Easy’”.


    Our basic ideology is: trust in the system. (...)

    Our caste is always changing, just enough to make sure that everything stays the same. Lately we’ve learnt to lament the suffering of the disadvantaged. (I’m told that even younger members of the kleptocratic Angolan #elite have mastered this rhetoric.) Indeed, many of the most stirring attacks on inequality and sexism are now produced by Oxbridge males – but then we produce most attacks on most things in Britain.