• Territoires palestiniens – Suspension de la démolition du village palestinien de Khan al-Ahmar - France-Diplomatie - Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères
    22octobre 2018

    La France prend note de la décision du Premier ministre israélien de surseoir à la démolition du village palestinien de Khan al-Ahmar (Cisjordanie).

    La France, en lien avec ses partenaires européens, a appelé à plusieurs reprises les autorités israéliennes à ne pas procéder à la destruction de Khan al-Ahmar et à l’évacuation forcée de ses habitants.

    Nous demandons aux autorités israéliennes de renoncer définitivement au projet de démolition de Khan al-Ahmar et de lever l’incertitude qui pèse sur le sort de ce village, situé dans une zone essentielle à la continuité d’un futur Etat palestinien et donc à la viabilité de la solution des deux États.


    • France urges Israel to permanently cancel Khan al-Ahmar demolition
      Oct. 23, 2018 4:14 P.M. (Updated: Oct. 23, 2018 5:18 P.M.)

      BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The French Foreign Ministry welcomed, on Tuesday, the Israeli Security Cabinet’s decision regarding the postponement of the evacuation of the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem, yet urged Israeli authorities to “permananetly abandon their plans to demolish the village.” (...)

  • » Palestinian Woman Stoned to Death by Israeli Settlers
    IMEMC News - October 13, 2018 2:41 AM

    A group of Israeli paramilitary settlers attacked a Palestinian couple south of Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank, on Friday, killing the woman and severely injuring her husband.

    Aisha Mohammed Talal al-Rabi , 47, was riding in a car with her husband near the Za’tara roadblock, south of Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank, when a group of Israeli settlers came onto the road and began throwing rocks at their car.

    The slain woman was from Bidya town, northwest of Salfit.

    The Israeli colonial settlers threw a number of large rocks, breaking the windshield of the car. They then continued to throw rocks, according to local sources, hitting the couple multiple times in the head and upper body.

    Aisha died of blunt force trauma to the head, caused by a rock that was thrown at her head by the settlers.

    Armed Israeli paramilitary settlers have launched a number of attacks on the Palestinian civilian population in the Nablus area, with the number of attacks drastically increasing since two Israeli settlers were killed by a Palestinian in the area on Monday.


    • Aisha’s daughter during funeral : ’Is mom here, yet ?’
      Oct. 13, 2018 5:35 P.M. (Updated : Oct. 13, 2018 5:35 P.M.)

      (...) Aisha’s mother, Azziya, 70, told Ma’an that her daughter had been in Hebron, in the southern West Bank, for 3 days visiting her daughter who is a dentist there.

      Azziya said that the last thing Aisha said during their last phone call was asking her mother to take care and send her greetings to her father before telling her that her husband, Yacoub is coming to pick her up so they can go home together.

      Azziya burst in tears as she finished her sentence, “I did not know it would be our last call,I wish I wish I talked to her more, it was our goodbye conversation.”

      Aisha, a mother of eight, had just finished her university education along with her daughters, as she had gotten married before she could finish her education.

      Azziya told Ma’an that Aisha’s visit to her dentist daughter in Hebron for 3 days was also to get her teeth fixed in preparation to her other daughter’s upcoming wedding.

      One of Aisha’s brothers, Fawzat, was killed by Israeli forces one day before his wedding in 1999; Azziya added “The occupation deprives me of my children for a second time.” (...)

    • Mladenov condemns attack killing Palestinian mother
      Oct. 14, 2018 1:10 P.M. (Updated: Oct. 14, 2018 1:10 P.M.)

      BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nikolay Mladenov, condemned on Sunday the recent attack in which a Palestinian mother was killed and her husband injured after Israeli settlers hurled rocks at their vehicle.

      Mladenov said “I condemn this Friday’s attack in the occupied West Bank in which a Palestinian woman, Aisha Al-Rabi, a mother of eight, was killed and her husband injured by stones allegedly thrown by Israeli assailants.”

      He added “I take note that an investigation has been initiated and call on the Israeli authorities to ensure that those responsible are swiftly brought to justice.”

      “Such attacks only seek to drag everyone into a new cycle of violence that would further undermine the prospects of peace between Palestinians and Israelis. I urge all to condemn violence and stand up to terrorism,” Mladenov concluded.

    • Israel revokes work permits for family of killed Palestinian mother
      Oct. 22, 2018 4:43 P.M. (Updated: Oct. 23, 2018 11:53 A.M.)

      BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israel Security Service, the Shin Bet, cancelled Israeli work permits for the husband and brothers of a Palestinian mother who was killed after Israeli settlers hurled rocks at her vehicle, on Monday.

      Aisha Muhammad Talal al-Rabi, 47, a mother of eight children, from the Bidya village near Salfit in the northern West Bank, was killed on October 12th after Israeli settlers hurled rocks at her vehicle as she was passing by near the Zaatara checkpoint in southern Nablus.

      Hebrew-language news sites reported that al-Rabi’s husband and brothers were surprised to find out that they were the ones who were punished by having their work permits revoked, instead of holding the Israeli settlers responsible for the attack.

      Sources added that the Shin Bet claimed the ban was temporary.

      The Shin Bet also mentioned that no one has been detained as the investigation continues.

    • New evidence in case of Palestinian Mother Stoned to Death by Right-Wing Israelis
      January 24, 2019 11:01 AM

      Israeli authorities on Wednesday released new information about the death of Aisha al-Rabi, who was killed by a mob of right-wing Israelis in October 2018, stating that they had found DNA of the central suspect in the case on the rock that caused her death.

      Of the five right-wing Israeli teens arrested for the crime last month, just one remains in custody – the other four were released without charges. This is despite the multiple eyewitnesses that saw a group of Israelis hurling rocks at al-Rabi and her husband.

  • MADA reports 117 Israeli violations of Palestinian media freedoms since December
    Feb. 10, 2018

    RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) released a report on Saturday saying that between December 2017 and the end of January 2018, the group recorded 117 violations against Palestinian media freedoms at the hands of Israeli forces.

    MADA reported that there was a decrease in violations against media freedoms was recorded in January compared to December 2017, during which 89 violations by Israeli forces were reported against journalists (84 of which were assaults) during their coverage of protests against US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    In January, MADA recorded a total of 31 violations against media freedoms in Palestine, mostly by Israel, as 28 violations were committed by Israeli forces while three violations were committed by Palestinian forces.

    Despite recording a decrease between December 2017 and January 2018, MADA said that violations for January were high compared to January 2017.

  • 8-year-old Palestinian girl dies after being struck by Israeli settler car in Nablus
    Aug. 26, 2017 1:45 P.M. (Updated: Aug. 26, 2017 5:39 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — An 8-year-old Palestinian girl was killed on Saturday after being struck by an Israeli vehicle in the Nablus district of the nerthern occupied West Bank, according to Israeli sources.

    According to Israeli police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri, the child was hit around noon on Route 90 in the Jordan Valley area of the West Bank, while Palestinian medical sources said that the girl was run over by an Israeli settler’s vehicle near the Furush Beit Dajan village in the Nablus district.

    A crew from Israel’s Magen David Adom national emergency service arrived at the scene and evacuated the girl to the hospital, according to al-Samri. However, the girl was pronounced dead on arrival.

    Palestinian medical sources later identified the child as Asil Tariq Abu Oun from the village of Jaba in the northern West Bank Jenin district.

    It remained unknown whether the driver had fled or remained at the scene.


    • Aseel Abu Oun, 8 ans, assassinée par un colon israélien…
      par Linah Alsaafin - 27 août 2017 – Al-Jazeera – Traduction : Chronique de Palestine

      Les parents doutent que la police israélienne enquête sérieusement sur le meurtre de la fillette de huit ans, dont la maison familiale était sur le point d’être confisquée.

      Une fillette palestinienne âgée de huit ans et qui a été écrasée par la voiture d’un colon israélien en Cisjordanie occupée, a été enterrée dimanche.

      Aseel Abu Oun a été tuée un jour plus tôt par un colon en voiture, près du village de Foroush Beit Dajan, dans le district de Naplouse.

      Elle a été renversée par la voiture alors qu’elle quittait un supermarché vers midi avec une amie.

      Le quotidien israélien Haaretz a signalé que la police a arrêté le conducteur du véhicule pour un interrogatoire. Toujours selon Haaretz, la police a déclaré avoir ouvert une enquête mais sans préciser si le colon avait été relâché ou non.

      Mais es membres de la famille d’Aseel ont déclaré que l’annonce d’une enquête policière était simplement une tentative du gouvernement israélien de détourner la colère des habitants.

      « Nous sommes habitués aux manigances la police israélienne lors des agressions ou attaques de colons contre des Palestiniens », a déclaré à Al Jazeera Jawdat Abu Oun, un parent d’Aseel.

      « Nous avons demandé que ce soit un organisme indépendant qui supervise l’enquête, mais nous ne pensons pas que cela aboutisse », a-t-il dit, ajoutant qu’il croyait que le colon avait déjà été libéré.

      Tareq Abu Oun, le père de la fillette, a été témoin du moment où Aseel a été renversée et avec l’aide d’autres personnes présentes, il a réussi à empêcher la voiture de s’enfuir.

      « Le colon était armé et nous avons confisqué son arme jusqu’à ce que la police israélienne soit arrivée », a déclaré Jawdat.

      Alors que les colons sont autorisés à porter des armes en Cisjordanie occupée, les Palestiniens n’ont pas le droit d’être armés. (...)

  • Muhammad al-Qiq loses ability to walk amid ongoing hunger strike
    Feb. 24, 2017 3:52 P.M. (Updated: Feb. 24, 2017 7:49 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian hunger striker Muhammad al-Qiq has lost his ability to walk due to extreme exhaustion after at least 18 days without food, his lawyer reported on Friday.

    Khalid Zabarqa said that al-Qiq was on a wheelchair during a recent visit to Israel’s Ramla prison hospital where the hunger striker is being kept after Israeli authorities transferred al-Qiq from Israel’s Jalama prison due to the deterioration of his health.

    Zabarqa noted that al-Qiq was suffering from constant coughing, weight loss, and a perpetual headache. He has also refused to undergo any medical checkups related to his hunger strike.

    Zabarqa added that the doctors said that al-Qiq could be suffering from uveitis in his left eye, while highlighting that the health of al-Qiq has been consistently worsening each day.


  • Palestinian former hunger striker Bilal Kayid released from prison
    Dec. 12, 2016 5:04 P.M. (Updated : Dec. 12, 2016 5:04 P.M.)

    NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities released former hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Bilal Kayid to his home in the village of Asira al-Shamaliya in the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus on Monday afternoon, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

    Kayid went on hunger strike in June after Israeli authorities sentenced him to administrative detention — an Israeli policy of internment without charge or trial based on undisclosed evidence — on the day he was scheduled to be released from prison after serving a 14-and-a-half year sentence.

    After refusing medical treatment, vitamins, and salt supplements, living off only water for 71 days, Kayid suspended his hunger strike in late August after reaching an agreement with Israeli authorities to end his administrative detention and release him on Dec. 12.

    Kayid a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), was originally detained in 2002 for alleged involvement in the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades — the armed wing of the PFLP.

    He was transferred between several prisons during his 14-and-a-half-year sentence and was frequently placed into solitary confinement, the last stretch of which left him in isolation for nearly a year at Ramon prison after Israeli authorities learned of his leadership activities among Palestinians inside Israeli prisons.

    Muhammad et Mahmoud Balboul et Bilal Kayed, trois héros palestiniens ex-grévistes de la faim, libérés des geôles sionistes
    Par ISM-France | 12 décembre 2016

    Bilal Kayed, qui a été libéré cet après-midi (photo ci-dessous par Hafez Omar), a été emprisonné à l’âge de 19 ans, le 14 décembre 2001, au début de la Deuxième Intifada. Le 13 juin 2016, date prévue de sa libération après 14 ans et demi d’incarcération, des « juges » du régime d’occupation ont décidé de prolonger de 6 mois son incarcération, sous le régime de la détention administrative. Le 15 juin, Bilal décidait d’entreprendre une grève de la faim illimitée pour contraindre l’occupant à respecter ses droits. Après 71 jours de grève, de nombreuses protestations et mobilisations en Palestine et dans le monde, le régime sioniste acceptait de ne pas renouveler la détention administrative de Bilal et de le libérer, 15 ans presque jour pour jour après le début de sa détention. (2)

  • After a year in prison, Israeli court denies release of Palestinian circus performer
    Dec. 10, 2016 5:19 P.M. (Updated: Dec. 10, 2016 5:27 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — After almost one year since Israeli authorities detained Palestinian circus performer Muhammad Faisal Abu Sakha , 23, and placed him under administrative detention, a petition to release him was rejected by the Israeli High Court, according to a Saturday statement from the Palestinian Circus School in Ramallah.

    The statement said that after only 15 minutes of deliberation on Dec. 5, the court rejected the petition to release Abu Sakha based on “the same secret evidence opinion produced by the Military Prosecutor in December 2015,” that was used to justify his administrative detention order.

    The only information provided over the course of Abu Sakha’s detention is that Israeli authorities have deemed him a “security threat,” something the school slammed as an “unfounded claim.”

    The school highlighted the complete the lack of evidence against Sakha, as is typical of administrative detention — Israel’s widely-condemned policy of internment without charge or trial in maximum six-month long renewable intervals based on undisclosed evidence, that even a detainee’s lawyer is barred from viewing.

    “As long as no charges and accessible evidence are formally brought against him, Abu Sakha will be prevented from defending himself and effectively denied his right to a fair trial,” the statement said.

    The school urged foreign missions in Palestine who have previously spoken out against Israel’s administrative detention policy, to “put pressure on Israel to stop the arbitrary use of administrative detention and free all Palestinian administrative detainees or give them the right to a fair trial.”

  • Israel sentences Palestinian astrophysicist to 7 months in prison for ’incitement’
    Oct. 9, 2016 8:21 P.M. (Updated : Oct. 9, 2016 8:21 P.M.)

    RAMALLAH (Ma’an) – Israeli authorities sentenced Palestinian astrophysicist Imad Barghouthi to seven months in prison on Sunday, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society.

    The group said in a statement that the Israeli military court in Ofer had announced its sentencing of the 54-year-old resident of Beit Rima to seven months in prison, starting from the date of his detention in late April.

    The court also issued Barghouthi a fine of 2,000 shekels ($527).

    A professor of theoretical space plasma physics at al-Quds University in occupied East Jerusalem, Barghouthi had been detained in 2014 before his detention in April, when he was placed under administrative detention — Israel’s policy of internment without charge or trial.


    • L’astrophysicien palestinien Imad Barghouthi condamné à 7 mois de prison
      10 octobre | Samidoun |Traduction SF pour l’AURDIP

      Le Dr Imad Barghouti, professeur de l’université Al-Qods à Abou Dis a été condamné à une détention de sept mois dans une prison israélienne par le tribunal militaire d’Ofer, le dimanche 9 octobre. Le motif de sa condamnation est d’avoir été provocateur par des posts sur Facebook et sur les réseaux sociaux à propos de la politique palestinienne et de l’occupation.

      Son incarcération prend effet à partir de la date de son arrestation en avril, ce qui veut dire qu’il sera libéré en novembre. Il a été arrêté le 24 avril par les forces d’occupation israéliennes à un checkpoint près de Nabi Saleh alors qu’il se rendait à Beit Rima, la ville où il habite. Il a d’abord été sous le coup d’une détention administrative sans chef d’accusation ni procès ; il avait déjà subi une détention administrative en décembre 2014, suite à une arrestation par les forces d’occupation lors d’un déplacement vers les Émirats Arabes Unis pour aller à une conférence universitaire.

  • Israel detains all-female crew of Gaza Freedom Flotilla in Givon prison
    Oct. 6, 2016 2:26 P.M. (Updated: Oct. 6, 2016 2:27 P.M.)

    Israeli naval forces storm the Zaytouna boat from the Freedom Flotilla on Oct. 05, 2016. (Photo: International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Female activists who were sailing on board the all-women solidarity ship “Zaytouna” heading towards the besieged Gaza Strip are currently being detained in the Israeli prison of Givon, the Israel Prison Service (IPS) told Ma’an on Thursday.

    The 13-person crew of the Zaytouna — which means “olives” in Arabic — was intercepted by Israeli naval forces on Wednesday as their boat entered Israel’s unilaterally declared buffer zone or “military exclusion zone,” off the coast of Gaza.

    The women were then detained and taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod, before being taken to detention facilities.

    IPS spokesman Assaf Librati told Ma’an that 11 of the women were being held in the Givon prison in central Israel as of Thursday afternoon, saying that he was not immediately aware of the whereabouts of the two other crew members.

    As contradictory information emerged on social media over whether the female activists would be immediately deported, the spokesman said that IPS was still awaiting instructions on their case.


    • Israël va expulser les passagères du « bateau des femmes », dérouté de Gaza
      afp, le 06/10/2016 à 12h10

      Les passagères, notamment la Nord-Irlandaise Mairead Maguire, prix Nobel de la Paix, sont détenues depuis 03H00 à la prison de Ramlé (centre d’Israël), a indiqué à l’AFP une porte-parole de l’administration pénitentiaire. « Elles y sont en attente d’expulsion ».

      Deux d’entre elles, des journalistes, « sont parties à l’aéroport », a pour sa part déclaré Sabin Haddad, porte-parole de l’Autorité de la population et de l’immigration. Les autres seront gardées en détention 96 heures avant d’être expulsées, sauf si elles décidaient de partir avant, a-t-elle dit à l’AFP.

    • Zaytouna-Oliva Women Deported/ Details Emerge about the Capture

      All 13 of the women on the Women’s Boat to Gaza are currently in the process of deportation after being captured by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and detained in a prison at Ashdod. Wendy Goldsmith, a member of the land team working to secure the release of the women stated that, “the deportation was much quicker than in prior flotillas. While we had a great legal team assisting the women, we suspect that the reason for the quick release was because of all the negative media attention Israel has been receiving for its illegal interception.”

      According to early reports from the women released, the Zaytouna-Oliva was surrounded by two warships along with four to five smaller naval boats. The IDF gave warning to the Zaytouna-Oliva to stop their course towards Gaza. When the warning was refused, at least 7 IDF members, both male and female, boarded the Zaytouna-Oliva and commandeered the sailboat. This happened in international waters.

      In the course of their capture, the women persisted in telling the IDF that Israel’s interception of their boat was illegal and that they were being taken against their will to Israel.

      The Women’s Boat to Gaza campaign asserts that while the captivity of the women on board Zaytouna-Oliva is over, the captivity of 1. 9 million Palestinians in Gaza remains. The Campaign also asserts that the term “peaceful” which has been used in some media to describe the capture is incorrect. Peace is more than merely the absence of physical violence. Oppression, occupation, denial of human rights and taking a boat filled with nonviolent women against their will are not peaceful activities. The Women’s Boat to Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla Coalition will continue to sail until Palestine is free.

    • Israel Deports Detainees From Women’s Gaza Flotilla
      Haaretz Oct 07, 2016 5:52 PM

      The 13 women, including a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, were detained on Wednesday after their boat was prevented from reaching the Gaza Strip.

      All but one of the 13 women activists detained on Wednesday for trying to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip have been deported from Israel, according to the French news agency AFP on Friday.

      The report quoted Interior Ministry spokesperson Sabin Haddad as saying: “All the boat’s passengers have left Israel except a woman who will fly to Oslo this afternoon.”

      The women, who included Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire of Northern Ireland and a number of parliamentarians, were detained after their sailboat, the Zaytouna-Oliva, was intercepted in international waters about 35 nautical miles off the coast of Gaza.

    • Stories from returning #WomenToGaza; Struggle to end illegal blockade continues

      As we write, the last of our wonderfully brave participants from the Women’s Boat to Gaza are either home with their loved ones and supporters, or on their journey home. They have been greeted with signs (see above) and in some case with singing and dancing: ; Since being released from Israeli detention, they have begun to tell us about their their experiences on board and in detention. They report hours spent on the Zaytouna-Oliva sharing and caring for each other, singing, making meals together and deep discussions about politics and life experiences, before being suddenly and illegally boarded in international waters by Israeli commandos on the afternoon of 5 October.

  • Palestinian shot dead after stabbing soldier at Qalandiya checkpoint
    Oct. 1, 2016 11:42 A.M. (Updated: Oct. 1, 2016 3:04 P.M.)

    RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A 28-year-old Palestinian was shot dead by Israeli forces Friday night after stabbing and wounding a 20-year-old Israeli soldier at the Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem in the central occupied West Bank.

    Israeli police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri said in a statement that the Palestinian suspect entered the cars-dedicated lane at the checkpoint on foot, where he attacked an Israeli soldier with a knife, before other soldiers opened fire on the man, killing him on the scene.

    Al-Samri said the soldier was taken to the hospital in a moderate-to-serious condition. He was later reported to be in a stable condition.

    She added that the 28-year-old Palestinian was from the nearby village of Kafr Aqab in the Jerusalem district of the occupied West Bank.

    He was later identified on Palestinian media sites as Naseem Abu Meizar.
    Following the incident, Israeli forces closed Qalandiya checkpoint, where clashes erupted, with protesting Palestinians reportedly throwing stones at Israeli forces who responded by firing stun grenades and tear gas canisters at the crowds.


    Israeli troops shoot and kill 28-year old Palestinian at Qalandia checkpoint after alleged knife attack
    Cisjordanie: un Israélien poignardé, son agresseur palestinien tué
    AFP / 30 septembre 2016 22h37

    Jérusalem - Un membre des services de sécurité israélien a été sérieusement blessé vendredi soir à Qalandia, en Cisjordanie occupée, par un Palestinien qui a été tué par balles, a annoncé une porte-parole de la police.

    L’agresseur, âgé de 28 ans et originaire de Jérusalem, s’est approché à pied d’un barrage routier israélien et a attaqué à coups de couteau un membre des services de sécurité, qui a été évacué vers un hôpital. Ses collègues ont alors tiré vers l’attaquant et l’ont tué, a ajouté la police, sans préciser l’identité du Palestinien.

    Jérusalem, les Territoires palestiniens et Israël sont en proie à des violences qui ont coûté la vie à 231 Palestiniens, 34 Israéliens, deux Américains, un Jordanien, un Érythréen et un Soudanais depuis le 1er octobre 2015, selon un décompte de l’AFP.

    • PCHR

      In the West Bank, Israeli forces killed on 30 September 2016, Nasib Abu Maizer (28), from Kufor Aqeb village, north of occupied Jerusalem. The aforementioned person was killed when Israeli forces stationed at Qalandya military checkpoint, north of the city, opened fire at him, due to which he sustained 5 bullet wounds throughout his body. He was left bleeding for over an hour as the Israeli forces denied medical crews from the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) access to the scene until he died. Israel forces then kept his corpse. They claimed that Abu Maizer had stabbed a soldier and caused him moderate wounds.

  • Autopsy reveals Palestinian prisoner died of heart condition after years of medical neglect
    Sept. 26, 2016 5:46 P.M. (Updated: Sept. 26, 2016 5:46 P.M.)

    RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — An autopsy has confirmed the cause of death of 41-year-old Palestinian prisoner Yasser Thiyab Hamduna, who died in Israeli custody Sunday morning, was cardiomegaly, a condition in which the heart is enlarged and can lead to sudden cardiac death.

    A statement from the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs released on Monday announced the cause of death following the autopsy. Initial reports indicated the prisoner had died of either a stroke or a heart attack.

    The Committee said that the autopsy of Hamduna’s body was carried out in the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv with the participation of two Palestinian doctors — Ashraf al-Qadi and Rayan Ali — as was ordered by the Israeli central court the day prior.

    Two lawyers from the Committee, Iyad Misk and Karim Ajwa, also attended autopsy.

    Hamduna’s body is reportedly to be returned to his family on Monday. He is from the village of Yaabad, in the northern occupied West Bank district of Jenin

    The Committee’s statement reiterated the accusation that Hamduna faced deliberate medical negligence by Israeli prison authorities and doctors, who were aware of the fact that he had been suffering from a number of health issues, including shortness of breath, heart problems, and ear pains.

    He was severely beaten by prison guards in 2003 after his imprisonment in June that year, and had since been taken to the al-Ramla prison clinic a number of times after his health deteriorated, where lawyers and prisoners’ rights groups familiar with the case said he was routinely denied adequate treatment.


    • Yasser Thiyab Hamduna, prisonnier palestinien tué par la négligence médicale
      lundi 26 septembre 2016

      Ma’an News – Les prisonniers palestiniens détenus par Israël ont annoncé une grève de la faim de trois jours en signe de protestation et de deuil après qu’un nouveau détenu soit mort en détention dans les prisons israéliennes ce dimanche matin, suite à une attaque cérébrale et à la négligence médicale.

      Les habitants du village de Yaabad dans le district de Jénine en Cisjordanie occupée, ont déclaré que Yasser Thiyab Hamduna, un Palestinien âgé de 41 ans, originaire du village, est décédé d’un accident vasculaire cérébral dimanche dans la prison israélienne de Ramon.

      Le porte-parole du service israélien des prisons (IPS), Assaf Librati, a confirmé à Ma’an qu’un prisonnier palestinien incarcéré à Ramon avait eu une « crise cardiaque ou un accident vasculaire cérébral », et qu’il a été déclaré mort par des médecins à environ 08h30 ce dimanche.

    • Un prisonnier est mort - Le combat continue !
      par Ziad Medoukh | Lundi 26 septembre 2016

      Le prisonnier palestinien Yasser Hamadouni , âgé de 40 ans, originaire de Jénine au Nord de la Cisjordanie , père de deux enfants, est mort hier 25 septembre 2016 dans une prison israélienne.

      Yasser Hamadouni, qui purgeait une peine de prison de 14 ans, avait connu un certain nombre de problèmes de santé, à cause de négligence médicale de la part des autorités de prisons israéliennes.

      Ce prisonnier entravé par la police, soi-disant la plus morale du monde, d’un Etat, soi-disant le seul Etat démocratique de la région, ne sera ni le premier ni le dernier détenu palestinien mort dans une prison israélienne.

      De par une négligence médicale délibérée, de par les mesures atroces de l’occupation contre tous nos prisonniers, mais surtout, de par le silence complice de la communauté internationale officielle, cette situation va se répéter.

      L’Etat d’apartheid d’Israël continue sa politique agressive contre eux, comme contre toute notre population civile. Il poursuit ses crimes contre des prisonniers isolés qui sont de plus en plus abandonnés à l’arbitraire et à l’acharnement criminel des autorités pénitentiaires, sans suivi médical, ni visites.

      Nous ne comprenons pas nous, Palestiniens, pourquoi les organisations des droits de l’homme, partout dans le monde, n’arrivent même pas à dénoncer les pratiques et les mesures des forces de l’occupation qui terrorisent chaque jour leurs victimes alors que celles-ci poursuivent leur combat pour la liberté par des actions non-violentes.(...)

  • Video: Israeli soldiers’ nighttime raid of house of two Palestinians killed in demonstrations

    This video of a nighttime raid on the Abu Rahma family in occupied Bil’in in Palestine was posted by journalist Hamde Abu Rahme today. You can see eight heavily-armed and helmeted soldiers exit the Abu Rahma house at the end of the video. Bassem Abu Rahma was killed by Israeli forces with a tear gas canister fired at close range during a peaceful demonstration in 2009. His sister Jawaher Abu Rahma died in 2012 from inhalation of tear gas fired on the village, also during a demonstration.

    Hamde Abu Rahma
    Ajoutée le 21 sept. 2016

    Seeing the Israeli occupation forces last night, raiding the house of my cousins Bassem and Jawaher abu Rahma, who were murdered by the Israeli occupation forces in cold blood, in peaceful demonstrations and seeing how they wake the family up in the middle of the night, to steal their computers and phones and not letting anyone enter or leave, because they declare it a closed military zone, makes me so deeply mad and sad for all what this family have to go through. I don’t know what to say. It’s hard for me to see all the injustice that my family face by living under the Israeli occupation. It’s hard to see part of your family lose their beloved ones and it’s that’s not the only thing. They can’t even have a peaceful night to sleep, because they were born under the occupation. They are forced to live this life because they stand on their land they refuse to leave. It’s hard for me to see the owners prevented from entering the house to see their children, because there are strangers inside blocking the way and declaring it a closed military zone, when in fact they are vandalising, and stealing computers and phones. They also raided 3 other Palestinian houses in the village where they took their computers and phones as well. But this is the reality in Palestine, you may not know about. This is the life under the Israeli occupation in Palestine.
    palestine 21/9/2016

    • Israeli forces raid homes of Bilin activists, confiscate computers
      Sept. 21, 2016 5:09 P.M. (Updated: Sept. 21, 2016 5:20 P.M.)

      RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces raided the village of Bilin in the central occupied West bank district of Ramallah early Wednesday morning, searching several houses and confiscating cell phones and computers belonging to activists from the local popular resistance committee.

      Coordinator of the Bilin Popular Resistance Committee against the Wall and Settlements Rateb Abu Rahmeh said that Israeli forces raided several houses including his, the home of his brother Abdullah Abu Rahmeh, as well as the homes of head of the village council Bassil Mansour, Muhammad al-Khatib, in addition to the homes of Ahmad Abu Rahmeh and his brother Ashraf Abu Rahmeh.

      Abu Rahmeh said that the raids frightened children in the houses.

      An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an they were looking into reports of the raid.

      The committee condemned the raid of the activists’ homes, adding that Israeli actions would not stop popular activists from continuing their weekly marches against Israel’s separation wall and illegal Israeli settlements.

      Residents of Bilin, one of the most active villages in peaceful organized opposition against Israeli policies, have protested every Friday for 11 consecutive years, and have often been met with tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets, and stun grenades from Israeli forces.

      #colonisation #occupation #sans_vergogne

  • Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen near Bani Naim after alleged attempted attack
    Sept. 20, 2016 9:30 A.M. (Updated: Sept. 20, 2016 10:18 A.M.)

    HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager on Tuesday morning after he allegedly attempted to stab soldiers in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron.

    An Israeli army spokeswoman told Ma’an that a Palestinian holding a knife attempted to attack Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint near the village of Bani Naim.

    The soldiers then shot at the youth, “resulting in his death,” she said, adding that no Israelis were injured in the case.

    Bani Naim mayor Mahmoud Manasra identified the slain Palestinian as local teenager Issa Salim Mahmoud Tarayra , 16.

    Local sources said they heard gunshots coming from the Wadi al-Joz junction near Bani Naim, then saw large numbers of Israeli military vehicles rushing to the area and setting up a number of roadblocks.

    An eyewitness told Ma’an that a bus traveling from Bani Naim to Hebron stopped at the Wadi al-Joz junction, at which point a youth stepped out of the bus, “then Israeli troops fired at him.”

    Tarayra is the 230th Palestinians to be killed by Israelis since the beginning of a wave of unrest nearly a year ago across the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel. Some 32 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians during the same time period.


    • Cisjordanie : un assaillant abattu après avoir tenté de poignarder un soldat israélien
      AFP / 20 septembre 2016 09h16

      Jérusalem - Un Palestinien a été abattu mardi après avoir tenté de poignarder un soldat israélien près de Hébron, dans le sud de la Cisjordanie occupée, a rapporté l’armée israélienne.

      Un assaillant armé d’un couteau a tenté de poignarder un soldat israélien à un checkpoint à l’entrée de Bani Naïm. Les forces israéliennes ont riposté et ouvert le feu, tuant l’assaillant, a dit l’armée.

      L’auteur de l’attaque a été identifié par le ministère palestinien de la Santé comme un adolescent de 16 ans, Issa Tarayra, originaire de Bani Naïm, ville voisine d’Hébron.

      Il s’agit de la neuvième attaque ou tentative d’attaque du genre depuis vendredi, après une accalmie de plusieurs semaines.

  • Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in Hebron, family accuses soldiers of ’executing’ their son
    Sept. 17, 2016 10:36 A.M. (Updated: Sept. 17, 2016 12:15 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces Saturday morning shot dead a Palestinian in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in the Old City of Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank after an alleged stabbing attack, the second Palestinian to be killed in the neighborhood in less than 24 hours, and the fifth to be killed by Israeli forces in less than 48 hours, while the family accused Israeli soldiers of “executing” their son on his way to work in Hebron’s city center.

    Local sources identified the slain Palestinian as 25-year-old Hatim Abd al-Hafeeth Shaludi
    The family of Shaludi accused Israeli soldiers of “executing” their son while he was on his way to work.

    Shaludi’s brother Ayman told Ma’an that the family lives near Al-Rahma Mosque, located just a few meters from Israeli checkpoints that surround the neighborhood of Tel Rumeida, saying that Shaludi was headed to work in the morning like every morning, but when he passed near a checkpoint “Israeli soldiers executed him in cold blood.”

    Ayman added that Shaludi worked at a factory in Hebron and was shot walking the only way that residents of the neigborhood can enter Hebron’s city center.

    Shaludi’s mother told Ma’an she heard gunshots from inside her home. She had left the house at the time without realizing the gunshots marked the death of her son.

    The family reported that Israeli forces had raided their home, searched the premises, and questioned Shaludi’s mother before leaving.

    An Israeli army statement said that the Shaludi had stabbed a soldier before he was shot dead by Israeli forces. Israeli media reported that the soldier was lightly injured.

    An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that the series of attacks were “another example of the danger of Palestinian incitement through social media,” adding that the Israeli army is “conducting intensive intelligence and operational efforts to stop the violence.”

    However, the spokesperson could not explain to Ma’an how these attacks were connected to “incitement through social media.”


    • Cisjordanie : un soldat israélien poignardé par un Palestinien, l’assaillant tué
      AFP / 17 septembre 2016 09h59

      Hébron (Territoires palestiniens) - Un soldat israélien a été blessé samedi dans une attaque au couteau perpétrée dans la ville de Hébron, en Cisjordanie occupée, par un Palestinien qui a ensuite été abattu par les forces israéliennes, a rapporté l’armée dans un communiqué.

      L’attaque a eu lieu durant une opération de routine des forces israéliennes dans le quartier de Tel Roumeida. En réponse à la menace immédiate, les forces sur place ont tiré sur l’assaillant, qui est décédé, affirme l’armée.

      Selon le ministère palestinien de la Santé, le Palestinien tué est un jeune homme de 25 ans du nom de Hatem al-Chaloudi . C’était un habitant de Tel Roumeida comme Mohamed Rajabi, un adolescent de 16 ans tué lors d’une attaque vendredi.

      L’attaque de samedi est la quatrième menée contre des Israéliens en moins de 24H, signe que les violences persistent en Israël et dans les Territoires palestiniens malgré une accalmie de trois semaines.

      Vendredi, trois assaillants présumés avaient été abattus en commettant des attaques anti-israéliennes ayant fait quatre blessés dans et près d’Hébron ainsi qu’à Jérusalem-Est annexée.

      La veille, un autre homme avait été tué à Hébron alors qu’il tentait d’échapper aux soldats israéliens qui cherchaient à l’arrêter.

      Hanane Achraoui, haute responsable de l’Organisation de libération de la Palestine (OLP), a condamné ce qu’elle a qualifié d’exécutions sommaires.

      Israël applique d’une manière flagrante une politique systématique et délibérée d’exécutions sommaires à l’encontre du peuple palestinien. De telles actes de provocation constituent une violation directe du droit et des conventions internationales, a-t-elle jugé dans une déclaration samedi.

      Nous appelons la communauté internationale à intervenir rapidement et d’une manière efficace, et à demander des comptes à Israël avec des mesures punitives avant qu’il ne soit trop tard.

      Un porte-parole militaire israélien a pour sa part affirmé à l’AFP que l’attaque de samedi était une nouvelle expression de l’incitation (à la violence par des Palestiniens contre Israël) dans la rue et sur les réseaux sociaux.

      Depuis octobre, les violences ont coûté la vie à 228 Palestiniens, 34 Israéliens, deux Américains, un Erythréen et un Soudanais, selon un décompte de l’AFP.

  • Palestinian shot dead after alleged stab attack in Hebron’s Old City
    Sept. 16, 2016 5:48 P.M. (Updated: Sept. 17, 2016 11:45 A.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A 15-year-old was shot dead after stabbing and lightly injuring an Israeli solider near the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron’s Old City in the southern occupied West Bank Friday afternoon. He was the third Palestinian to be killed by Israeli forces in less than 24 hours, while a Jordanian national was also shot dead on Friday by Israeli police.

    Local sources idenfied the 15-year-old as Muhammad Thalji Kayid Thalji al-Rajabi .

    An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that the Palestinian arrived to the Gilbert military checkpoint near Tel Rumeida armed with a knife and stabbed an Israeli army soldier who was reportedly 19 years old.

    “Responding to the threat, Israeli soldiers shot towards the assailant, resulting in his death,” the spokesperson added.

    The spokesperson could not confirm the Israeli soldier’s condition, though Israeli newspaper Times of Israeli reported he had been “lightly” injured by a knife wound to the face, and was evacuated by Israel’s emergency medical services Magen David Adom for treatment at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

    Local sources said Israeli forces prevented an ambulance from reaching the Palestinian after he was shot.


  • Israeli forces shoot and kill Jordanian in East Jerusalem after alleged stab attack
    Sept. 16, 2016 1:11 P.M. (Updated: Sept. 16, 2016 9:21 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces Friday shot and killed a Jordanian youth in occupied East Jerusalem after an alleged stab attack at Damascus Gate in the Old City.

    Israeli police spokeswoman for Arabic media Luba al-Samri said in a statement that a “terrorist” attempted a stabbing attack on an Israeli border policeman outside Damascus Gate and was “neutralized” by Israeli forces, a term commonly used by Israeli authorities when Palestinians are shot dead at the scene of an attack or alleged attack.

    A witness told Israeli newspaper Haaretz that he didn’t see the man attacking anyone before he was killed. When Israeli police officers suspected the man and and asked him to lift his shirt, he yelled “Allahu akbar” and was shot by one of the officers, the witness added.

    Al-Samri added that the youth was a citizen of Jordan in his 20s and entered Palestine on Thursday via the Allenby Bridge crossing between the West Bank and Jordan. He was later identified as Said Amr , 28.

    While the youth was initially reported as being Palestinian, it has not yet been made clear if he was a Palestinian citizen of Jordan.

    Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld reported that the youth had three knives that he attempted to use while carrying out the attack, which the spokesman posted on his twitter account.

    Rosenfeld also said that there were no Israeli injuries during the attack and Damasus Gate has been completely closed off.


    • Un Palestinien abattu après avoir tenté de poignarder une policière israélienne
      AFP / 16 septembre 2016 12h54

      Jérusalem - Un Palestinien a été abattu vendredi à Jérusalem-Est occupée par une policière israélienne qu’il avait tenté de poignarder, a indiqué la police israélienne.

      Le Palestinien, âgé de 28 ans et détenteur d’un passeport jordanien, a cherché à poignarder la policière près de la porte de Damas, l’un des accès les plus sensibles à la Vieille ville, a rapporté la police. La policière a riposté et l’a abattu, a dit la police.

    • Family of Jordanian killed by Israeli forces in Jerusalem ’doubts’ Israeli narrative
      Sept. 17, 2016 8:14 P.M. (Updated: Sept. 18, 2016 9:54 A.M.)

      BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Said Hayil al-Amr “always dreamed of praying in Al-Aqsa Mosque,” his family told Ma’an via telephone from their home in the village of al-Mughayyir in al-Karak, Jordan.

      Members of al-Amr’s family said they “doubted the Israeli narrative” of his death. The 28-year-old Jordanian citizen was shot dead by Israeli border police in front of Damascus Gate of occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City Friday afternoon, after he allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli officer stationed there, according to Israeli police. The family is still waiting for al-Amr’s body to be returned to them.

      A witness told Israeli newspaper Haaretz at the time that he didn’t see al-Amr attacking anyone before he was killed. When Israeli police officers suspected the man and and asked him to lift his shirt, al-Amr yelled “Allahu akbar,” and was shot by one of the officers, the witness added.

      Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said police found three knives on al-Amr’s person, which Rosenfeld claimed al-Amr intended to use in a stabbing attack.

  • Israeli forces evict Palestinian family in East Jerusalem to make room for settlers
    Sept. 15, 2016 3:46 P.M. (Updated: Sept. 15, 2016 4:28 P.M.)

    BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces Thursday evicted a Palestinian family from their home in the neighborhood of Saadiya in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem in order to make room for Jewish-only housing managed by right-wing settler group Ateret Cohanim.

    Mazen Qirrish, the owner of the house, told Palestinian Authority (PA)-run Wafa News Agency that Israeli police broke into the house and gave him an eviction order issued by an Israeli court, claiming that Qirrish was no longer a “protected tenant.”

    Muhannad Jubara, the lawyer for the family, told Ma’an in May that the Qirrish family fell under “protected status,” which refers to certain Palestinians in East Jerusalem who held rental agreements with the Jordanian government before 1967, when Israel occupied the Palestinian territory.

    #colonisation #vol

  • Israeli intelligence informs father of slain Palestinian his son was ’killed by mistake’
    Sept. 6, 2016 11:02 P.M. (Updated : Sept. 6, 2016 11:08 P.M.)

    JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli intelligence on Tuesday informed the family of Mustafa Nimir , who was shot dead by Israeli forces on Monday during a military raid on the Shufat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem, that the 27-year-old was “killed by mistake.”

    Mustafa’s father, Talal, told Ma’an that Israeli intelligence summoned him and his wife on Tuesday to the Nabl Yaqoub police station in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina and informed the family that the police had launched an investigation into the incident, adding that Mustafa and his brother-in-law, 25-year-old Ali Tayser Nimir who was injured at the time, were not attempting to carry out an attack.

    Israeli forces shot Mustafa dead and injured Ali when the two came under live fire while driving near clashes that erupted between local youth and Israeli soldiers during a military raid in Shufat refugee camp. The two were returning home after picking up food for their family.

    Ali’s condition was initially reported as moderate and he was evacuated by Israeli ambulances to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

    Israeli authorities claimed at the time that the driver of the vehicle attempted to run over Israeli police and border guard officers before they fired at the car — a claim which family members and eye witnesses rejected.

    “Their sorry will not bring back Mustafa,” Talal told Ma’an after speaking with the Israeli police. “Israeli soldiers do not value human souls and they kill for many reasons and have different excuses, as if they are hunting birds.”

    “There are no justifications for killing our children,” the bereaved father continued. “Even if soldiers really did order them to stop the vehicle, why would they immediately start shooting at them?”

    Talal added that he would now work to punish the soldiers who killed his son, and focus on protecting other Palestinian youths from such incidents. He also urged international local human rights groups to follow up with the case.


  • Jérusalem : Encore un Palestinien tué et un blessé par l’armée d’occupation lors de l’invasion du camp de réfugiés de Shu’fat -
    Jérusalem - 5 septembre 2016
    IMEMC - Traduction : MR pour ISM

    05.09.2016 - Des soldats israéliens ont envahi, ce matin à l’aube, le camp de réfugiés de Shu’fat, au nord-est de Jérusalem Est occupée ; ils ont tué Mustafa Nimir , 24 ans, originaire du quartier Salaam à Anata, au nord-est de Jérusalem occupé, et blessé Ali Nimir, 28 ans, après avoir tiré des rafales de balles réelles sur leur voiture.

    L’armée d’occupation a présenté deux récits contradictoires sur l’événement, l’un parlant de confrontations armées entre les soldats et des combattants de la résistance armée dans le camp de réfugiés, et l’autre sur une soi-disant tentative d’attaque à la voiture, suivie d’une tentative d’attaque au couteau visant les soldats.

    Des médecins palestiniens se sont précipités sur les lieux mais les soldats les ont empêchés de fournir les premiers secours aux deux jeunes.

    Ali Nimir a été blessé à la hanche dans l’attaque et a été transporté au centre militaire israélien Hadassah, à Jérusalem occupée, par l’armée d’occupation.

    L’armée israélienne a déclaré que l’un de ses soldats a été blessé, apparemment par des tirs palestiniens lors de l’invasion.

    D’après les sources locales à Shu’fat, de nombreux jeunes ont lancé des pierres sur les véhicules de l’armée envahissant le camp, et celle-ci a répondu par des tirs à balles réelles, des balles caoutchouc-acier et des grenades lacrymogènes.

    Israeli forces kill young Palestinian man, injure another in Shufat refugee camp
    Sept. 5, 2016 9:42 A.M. (Updated : Sept. 13, 2016 3:32 P.M.)

  • Palestinian prisoner Bilal Kayid suspends hunger strike after 71 days
    Aug. 24, 2016 8:39 P.M. (Updated: Aug. 24, 2016 10:12 P.M.)

    RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Palestinian prisoner Bilal Kayid has suspended his hunger strike after spending 71 days without food to protest being held in administrative detention by Israel, prisoners’ rights group Addameer General Director Sahar Francis announced on Wednesday.

    Kayid went on hunger strike in June after Israeli authorities sentenced him to administrative detention — internment without trial or charges — on the day he was scheduled to be released from prison after serving a 14-and-a-half year sentence.

    Francis said that Kayid suspended his hunger strike after reaching an agreement with Israeli authorities to end his administrative detention at a specific date. Francis declined to release further details on Wednesday, stating that a press conference would be held on Thursday to disclose further information.

    However, anonymous Palestinian sources said that the agreement set the date for Kayid’s release to December 12.


    • Un détenu palestinien suspend une grève de la faim de plus de deux mois
      AFP / 24 août 2016 21h10

      Jérusalem - Un Palestinien emprisonné par Israël sans procès a mis fin mercredi à 71 jours d’une grève de la faim, après avoir reçu des garanties que sa détention administrative ne serait pas renouvelée, selon son parti et son avocate.

      Bilal Kayed, 34 ans, avait entamé sa grève de la faim pour dénoncer son maintien en détention sans nouvelle inculpation, après avoir purgé l’intégralité de sa peine de 14 ans et demi pour ses activités au sein du Front populaire de libération de la Palestine (FPLP), parti de gauche considéré comme terroriste par l’Etat hébreu.

      Il devait être libéré mi-juin. Mais Israël a décidé de le placer en détention administrative, qui permet l’incarcération de suspects pour une durée illimitée sans leur garantir de procès ni même leur notifier une inculpation.

      Sa détention avait été renouvelée de trois mois la semaine dernière.

      Bilal Kayed a suspendu sa grève de la faim après être parvenu à un accord qui garantit que sa détention administrative ne sera plus renouvelée, qu’il ne sera plus placé à l’isolement et que sa famille pourra lui rendre visite, a indiqué dans un communiqué le FPLP.

      Plusieurs Palestiniens placés par Israël en détention administrative ont mené de telles grèves. Ils y ont tous mis fin après avoir obtenu que leur incarcération ne soit pas renouvelée.

      Le FPLP, qui animait la mobilisation autour de Bilal Kayed, a salué la victoire du camarade Kayed, toujours menotté à son lit d’hôpital pour le moment.

      L’avocate de M. Kayed a confirmé à l’AFP que Bilal Kayed a suspendu sa grève de la faim après que nous ayons discuté avec lui. Il a accepté l’accord.

      Mardi, le bureau des droits de l’Homme de l’ONU s’était dit très inquiet au sujet de la santé de M. Kayed alors que les médecins l’ont informé qu’il pouvait souffrir de séquelles irréversibles.