K-Pop Fans Thwarted the Dallas Police Department App During Black Lives Matter Protests


  • K-Pop Fans Thwarted the Dallas Police Department App During Black Lives Matter Protests | InStyle

    Trop fun : une app de dénonciation vidéo mise en place de la police de Dallas rendue inopérante par les fans de K-pop qui ont noyé le système avec des vidéos de leurs groupes préférés.

    Legions of K-pop fans stepped up to show the Dallas Police Department that they wouldn’t stand for police brutality during the city’s Black Lives Matter protests. According to Paper, the Dallas PD rolled out an app called iWatchDallas so that citizens could submit videos of “illegal activity.” The department didn’t expect the app to be flooded with K-pop videos, however. During the weekend’s Black Lives Matter protests, Twitter users called on one another to submit music video clips, fan-cam videos, and instructional dance videos set to huge names like BTS, NCT 127, and BLACKPINK.

    Users implored each other to overload the app so that anyone scanning the videos would be overwhelmed with K-pop, not possibly incriminating evidence.

    i got a video for you pic.twitter.com/VVDkRRmsfO
    — anahi (@belispeek) May 31, 2020

    I got footage of a criminal right here

    — see pinned📌Jimin’s Little Spoon⁷ (@heatherhellrasr) May 31, 2020

    Paper reports that the app actually crashed and the Dallas PD tweeted that “due to technical difficulties,” the app was temporarily down. The magazine also notes that this may be the very first instance of using fancams in such a manner, writing that it was the “first direct action-related use of fancams.” For those unfamiliar, fancams are generally user-created video clips that showcase a single member of a K-pop group or a solo artist, usually so that viewers can see performances from many different angles.

    pigs are using this app to have people send in videos so they can identify those in protests. if we can swarm these pages, they won’t be able to find anything on anyone. how about we put our fancamming into good use and upload so many fancams it floods the app? pic.twitter.com/760nGHwmHZ
    — lee hoseok knows acab 🐰 (@leehsk93) May 31, 2020

    It’s not all K-pop fans are doing. Dazed adds that many Twitter fan accounts for BTS and BLACKPINK have halted their usual activity. Instead of tweeting about their favorite acts and promoting new material like BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga’s “Sour Candy,” K-pop Twitter is making space for discussions on police violence and Black Lives Matter protests.

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