Israel Seeks $8B Arms Deal At White House : F-35s, V-22s, KC-46s « Breaking Defense


  • Israel Seeks $8B Arms Deal At White House: F-35s, V-22s, KC-46s « Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
    by Arie Egozi on September 15, 2020 at 12:33 PM

    TEL AVIV: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked President Donald Trump today for 12 Boeing V-22s, another squadron of F-35s to bring the total to 75, and the very early delivery of two Boeing KC-46As at the White House today.
    The new weapons are meant to keep Israel’s qualitative edge after the U.S agreed to sell the F-35 to the UAE and Teheran rattles its homemade swords, furious about the new era between Israel and some Gulf states.

    Hours before hosting the signing of historic peace agreements between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain, President Trump doubled down on the idea of selling F-35s to the UAE.

    “I personally would have no problem with it,” the president told Fox and Friends this morning, “I would have no problem in selling them the F-35.” (...)