• Biden drops Trump’s antiabortion ‘global gag rule.’ Here’s what that means for abortion access worldwide.

    Soon after he took office as president, Donald Trump reinstated and expanded a policy known by its critics as the “global gag rule,” which bars U.S. funding for organizations abroad that perform abortions or offer information about them.

    On Thursday, a week into his term, President Biden signed a memorandum rescinding the policy. He also directed the Department of Health and Human Services to review a rule instated by Trump that cut off federal funding for domestic family planning programs involved with abortions, such as Planned Parenthood, and ordered the restoration of funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which Trump had cut in a dispute over abortion provisions.

    Thursday’s move is a “first step,” said Amanda Ussak, the international program director for Catholics for Choice. But she had hoped Biden would move even faster. “The fact that he didn’t repeal the global gag rule on Day 1 is problematic,” she said.

    Biden, like the majority of U.S. Catholics, according to polls, supports abortion rights, despite the official teachings of the church. Ussak said she considers “access to reproductive rights and women’s health and autonomy … part of Catholic social justice teaching.” Biden’s view could “help reshape the narrative” around faith and abortion in some parts of the world, she said.


    et ceci donc également révoqué (pour les USA) qui date du 22 octobre dernier

    U.S. signs international declaration challenging right to abortion and upholding ‘role of the family’

    The Geneva Consensus formalizes a coalition united in opposition to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which forms the basis for the characterization of abortion and same-sex marriage as human rights under international law — a position that key U.S. allies, such as Britain and France, support.

    Azar said Thursday that the coalition is intended to “hold multilateral organizations accountable."

    In addition to the six co-sponsors, 26 countries, including Belarus, Saudi Arabia and Poland, have joined as signatories.

    [U.S. joins 19 nations, including Saudi Arabia and Russia: ‘There is no international right to an abortion’]