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  • Frontex Twitter Account Assessment Paper :

    Un document qui date de très probablement de 2015, moment dans lequel Frontex réfléchit les avantages et inconvénients d’avoir un compte twitter.

    * Preliminary note *

    It is clear that a significant part of discussions about Frontex does not take place in mainstream media. There is a large quantity of Tweets, blogs, online fora and discussions dedicated either directly to Frontex or to the wider topic of migration. Politicians and activists communicate regularly about Frontex without us being aware of it or being able to influence it. For a signific ant share of young people information gained online is the only source of information. According to Shaefer (2014) over 90% of US and some 75% of European journalists use social media as the primary source of information for breaking stories. As many corporate crises have proved in the past 3 years, Twitter is increasingly proving to be an invaluable tool for PR crisis management as it allows putting our side of the story not only in real time, but also directly to the concerned target audiences. By ignoring social media we will not make it go away. There is little doubt we should have a better picture of what is said ‘out there’ about Frontex and that we should start reaching out to those audiences we have virtually no contact with.

    Dans cet assessment, il y a une section dédiée aux #target_groups (p.4) :

    où figurent dans les "Frontex critics" : #Frontexit, #Migreurop, les #Verts, #Die_Linke, #No_Borders, #Panopticon et des non-spécifiées "migrants associations"

    Parmi les menaces que Frontex voit dans cette stratégie liée aux réseaux sociaux :

    “Insufficient and irregular engagement due to lack of dedicated staff to manage response to criticism could damage Frontex reputation”

    –-> document qui fait partie de la requête du 20.12.2020 ”Frontex Social Media Guidelines” :

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