CAN’s “Live in Stuttgart 1975” Exemplifies the Legendary German Group’s Spontaneity and Impact


  • L’album « Live in Stuttgart 1975 » de CAN illustre l’esprit du groupe allemand légendaire.

    “With CAN there was always a certain sense of the unfinished, of being fragmentary and not perfectly polished, and that’s especially so for the live shows,” says Irmin Schmidt, the sole remaining founding member of the German experimental rock band.

    Schmidt, 83, is reflecting on the band’s legacy as a new series of live albums is released, the first being Live in Stuttgart 1975. Split into five tracks, with each varying in length from nine to 35 minutes, the album captures the band seven years into existence—having already been through two vocalists in Malcolm Mooney and Damo Suzuki, now operating as a fierce and hypnotic instrumental unit.

    During the group’s original run, between 1968 and 1979, they released 11 albums. While all possessed magical moments—from the epic 20 minute “Yoo Doo Right” (whittled down from a 6-hour improvisation) on their debut album, to an unexpected late period disco hit (“I Want More,” from Flow Motion)—it was the four-album run of Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi, Future Days, and Soon Over Babaluma that made them the blueprint for experimentation and innovation for many groups to follow. Often lumped in as being a Krautrock band, along with the likes of Neu! and Kraftwerk, these bands bore little resemblance to each other aside from an unwavering determination to break new sonic ground. CAN fused rock, jazz, avant-garde, and psychedelia, typically underpinned by sumptuous grooves, to create a sound that remains distinct to the point of being inimitable.

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