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    1:00 PM · 18 oct. 2021
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    "Earlier this morning, Salah Hammouri, 36y/o Palestinian-French HRD, lawyer at Addameer & former prisoner, was officially notified of the Israeli Minister of Interior’s decision to revoke his permanent residency based on “breach of allegiance.”

    In her decision, the Minister emphasized that such a decision comes according to recommendations based on Salah’s previous arrests and other “secret information”, further noting that such a decision is necessary “to deter others from breaching allegiance to the State of Israel”

    Residency policies, embedded in Israel’s regime of racial domination and oppression, are designed to maintain a perilous legal status for Palestinians in East Jerusalem and uphold an Israeli-Jewish demographic majority in the city.


    • L’ordre d’expulsion à vie de Jérusalem de Salah Hamouri confirmé
      Nadir Dendoune 18 octobre 2021

      (...) Jeudi 3 septembre 2020, Salah Hamouri avait été convoqué au centre d’interrogatoire de Moskobiyeh, à Jérusalem. Là-bas, lui avait été remise une lettre du ministre de l’Intérieur israélien. Ce dernier souhaitait retirer purement et simplement la carte de résidence permanente de Salah Hamouri, seul papier officiel lui permettant de vivre, chez lui, à Jérusalem.

      “Les actions de Salah Hamouri constituent une violation grave de l’essentiel de son engagement en tant que résident israélien, et un abus de confiance vis-à-vis de l’Etat d’Israël”, avait indiqué Mme Shaked dans un communiqué pour justifier sa décision.

      Salah Hamouri avait décidé ensuite de faire appel contre cette décision. Son appel a donc été rejeté ce lundi. Depuis plus de 15 ans maintenant, les autorités israéliennes tentent de briser Salah Hamouri parce qu’il s’oppose à l’Occupation et la colonisation israélienne de la Palestine. (...)

    • Israel Revokes ID Of Jerusalemite Palestinian-French Former Political Prisoner
      Oct 19, 2021

      The Israeli government, its “Justice Ministry” and “Interior Ministry” have approved the revocation of the Jerusalem residency and ID card of a native Jerusalemite Palestinian lawyer, who is also a French citizen and a former political prisoner.

      Amjad Abu Assab, the head of the Jerusalem Detainees’ Committee, said that the “Legal Advisor” of Israel’s “Justice Ministry,” has approved the revocation of the ID card of Salah al-Hammouri.

      He denounced the decision and said is yet another Israeli attempt to force the Palestinians out of their city.

      Abu Assab added that, in late July of this year, 2021, the Israeli Interior Minister, Ayelet Shaked, said that she supports and approved of a decision that would revoke al-Hammouri’s ID card and residency and that she was only awaiting the approval of the Justice Ministry.

      It is worth mentioning that al-Hammouri is a former political prisoner who was held by Israel for more many years during several arrests stating in the year 2001 when he was imprisoned for five months, and additional four months in the year 2004, under the illegal Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial, and was abducted again in 2005 and was imprisoned for seven years.