• Dutch journalist Ingeborg Beugel arrested for “facilitating residence” to asylum seeker

    June 22, 2021 - Dutch journalist Ingeborg Beugel is being prosecuted for “facilitating illegal residence to an asylum seeker.” She provided accommodation in her home on the island of Hydra to an Afghan man, whose asylum application in ongoing.

    Police arrested the 61-year-old Dutch journalist Ingeborg Beugel on Sunday, June 13, on charges of hosting the 23-year-old man from Afghanistan, Freydun, an asylum seeker.

    She was charged according to a forgotten and problematic ruling from 1991 and for “facilitating the illegal residence of a third country national.”

    She was taken to the police station of Hydra and from there in handcuffs to the Court in Piraeus. she was given a three-day deadline for her deposition.

    The offenses can punish her with at least one year in prison and a fine of at least 5,000 euros – or double if the goal is for profit.

    Arrested was also the man from Afghanistan, who was transferred to police station in a Piraeus suburb and then was set free two hours later.

    The Dutch journalist met the Afghan asylum seeker and his dog in the camp in Malakasa in December 2018 while she was filming for a documentary the economic crisis and the migration issue. He helped her with translations and when the living conditions in the camp became unbearable for him and his dog, she started hosting him.

    Daily efimerida ton syntakton that has the story notes that some on the island did not favor the new guest and in the end someone also denounced her to police.

    Beugel has been living on Hydra for the last 40 years, is correspondent for several Dutch media. She calls Freyun “my adopted son.”

    Her lawyer who got knowledge of the case file said that there were “several anonymous denouncements” against his client. Police was pressing the asylum seeker to find out whether she was giving him money.

    PS this country is getting more and more miserable and undemocratic.

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