Screening and vaccination against COVID-19 to minimize school closure


  • Screening and vaccination against #COVID-19 to minimize school closure [11 décembre 2021, preprint sur Delta]

    We found that with 50% adherence, i.e. approximately the value recorded in the French primary schools, weekly screening would reduce the number of cases by 21% (95%CI 19-23%) in the primary and by 26% (25-28%) in the secondary school compared to symptom-based testing [ST] alone. Case reduction would rise to 34% (32-36%) and 36% (35-39%) in the two schools, respectively, with 75% adherence.

    Alternatively, similar reductions would be achieved with 50% adherence and twice-weekly testing. This shows how infection prevention improves with both adherence and frequency of tests, and higher frequency is needed to compensate for lower adherence.


    Increasing vaccination coverage in students, both in primary and secondary schools, is a strong protective factor against school outbreaks (Figure 5b,c,d), expected to reduce the epidemic size by 38% with 20% coverage in children and by 75% with 50% coverage, without intervention (i.e. with ST) and with respect to non-vaccination [...].