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    I have been contemplating writing an update on this for more than a year now, but i have been hesitant because the conclusions i am going to draw in the end are pretty dire and i had still hoped for a turn to the better. And writing a blog post here with fairly negative conclusions seemed to me to be something that could further contribute to seal the fate of the project.

    Avec, comme souvent dans les billets de ce blog, des passages intéressants à propos du travail communautaire dans le libre :)

    Build consensus and agreement through discussion and compromise, using a combination of the cartography guidelines and common sense.

    Consensus doesn’t mean unanimity, but there shouldn’t be anything merged here against firm opposition from a maintainer.

    Some maintainers (including myself) continue to review changes that are being suggested but releases have become very sporadic and usually contain little of substance in terms of visible changes. I try to – even when i disapprove of a change – indicate that i would be fine with the other maintainers accepting the change none the less if they agree on it, this way actively supporting a more robust form of consensus. But that is no substitute for an actual common goal and a strategic direction we agree on. And most capable style developers have stopped contributing to the project because the lack of a clear overall direction does not provide for a supportive environment to work on good map design .

    However, in moderation (meaning in particular to mitigate the imbalance resulting from the loud voices appearing to represent the popular opinion) popular involvement is an essential component both for evaluating design and for recruiting talented and qualified people in development, in particular in case of a cooperative community project like OSM-Carto.

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