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    As a developer though, WordPress makes me sad. The inability to stay up to date with modern and safe PHP versions casts a shadow on the whole PHP community.

    Right now, WordPress only has beta support for PHP 8.0. Now, to be clear: PHP 8.0 was released in 2020, and is now end of life, three years later — and WordPress doesn’t yet support it…

    Of course, there are reasons for not properly supporting newer PHP versions. Up to you to decide whether they are good or not. My personal opinion is that the decision to hold on to backwards compatibility as much as WordPress does is mostly business driven: a big part of WordPress is the commercial part, and a big part of their customer base is running old PHP versions. It’s a vicious circle where both parties are holding each other back and, by extent, hold back the PHP community as a whole.

    On the other hand, we should recognise the fact that not many software projects are able to stay as popular and relevant as WordPress after almost 20 years, so maybe their strategy about backwards compatibility is the right one?

    Quelqu’un devrait parler de #SPIP à l’auteur de cet article :)