• Victims Of Anti-Communism with Vincent Bevins

    The historic sins of communism and fascism are well documented. Often ignored, however, is murder and violence done in the name of anti-communism, and how this underpinned new forms of empire during the Cold War.

    Aaron Bastani interviews author of ’Jakarta Method’, Vincent Bevins, to examine the historic legacy of anti-communism, and the murder programs done in its name.

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    00:00 - Introduction
    2:16 - The CIA-backed Massacre of the Indonesian Communist Party
    3:58 - What Was Third Worldism?
    6:26 - Who was President Sukarno?
    9:05 - Who Were the Leaders of the Third World?
    14:15 - The Birth of the CIA
    20:49 - The United States in Indonesia, 1958
    24:00 - Who Controlled the CIA?
    27:08 - How Was Sukarno Removed?
    33:14 - How Many Were Killed in Indonesia?
    36:25 - Did ‘Anti-Communism’ prefigure the War on Terror?
    40:12 - The Intersection of Anti-Communism and Indigenous Genocide
    45:35 - What Was ‘Operation Condor’?
    51:14 - Did Modern Globalisation Require Fanatical Anti-Communism?
    54:54 - Could Third Worldism Come Back?

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