WordPress Playground and PHP WASM (WebAssembly)


  • #WordPress Playground

    WordPress Playground brings key platform dependencies into the browser. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works:

    #PHP runs as a #WebAssembly binary
    – MySQL is replaced for SQLite via a WordPress plugin
    – Web server is implemented with the Service Worker API

    Faire tourner un WP directement dans son navigateur, cas d’usage :

    - Single-click website clones to experiment with design updates and plugins
    – WordPress programming tutorials in the browser without any local setup
    – Zero-setup website builders
    – PHP and WordPress versions switchers—helpful for testers
    – Bug reports that include a real reproduction
    – Single-click development environments for reviewing code, onboarding new developers, or debugging failed tests directly in the CI (imagine visiting WordPress.org, pressing a button, and starting your first PR right there)