• Philippe Lazzarini sur X 
    8:55 PM · 9 mai 2024

    This evening, Israeli residents set fire twice to the perimeter of the UNRWA Headquarters in occupied East Jerusalem.

    This took place while UNRWA and other UN Agencies’ staff were on the compound.
    While there were no casualties among our staff, the fire caused extensive damage to the outdoor areas. The UNRWA headquarters has on its grounds a petrol and diesel station for the Agency’s fleet of cars.

    Our director with the help of other staff had to put out the fire themselves as it took the Israeli fire extinguishers and police a while before they turned up.

    A crowd accompanied by armed men were witnessed outside the compound chanting “Burn down the United Nations” (see video below 👇 from Israeli media).

    This is an outrageous development. Once again, the lives of UN staff were at a serious risk.
    In light of this second appalling incident in less than a week, I have taken the decision to close down our coumpound until proper security is restored.

    Over the past two months, Israeli extremists have been staging protests outside the UNRWA compound in Jerusalem, called by an elected member of the Jerusalem municipality.
    This week, the protest became violent when demonstrators threw stones at UN staff and at the buildings of the compound.

    Over the past months, UN staff have regularly been subjected to harassment and intimidation. Our compound has been seriously vandalized and damaged.
    On several occasions, Israeli extremists threatened our staff with guns.

    It is the responsibility of the State of Israel as an occupying power to ensure that United Nations personnel and facilities are protected at all times.
    UN staff, premises and operations should be protected at all times in line with international law.

    I call on all those who have influence to put an end to these attacks and hold all those responsible accountable.
    The perpetrators of these attacks must be investigated and those responsible must be held accountable.
    Anything less will set a new dangerous standard.

  • Philippe Lazzarini
    #Gaza: The Israeli Authorities continue to deny humanitarian access to the United Nations.
    6:08 PM · 5 mai 2024

    Just this week, they have denied - for the second time- my entry to Gaza where I planned to be with our @UNRWA
    teams including those on the front lines.

    The past while recorded an increase in the denial of humanitarian access & attacks on humanitarian workers and convoys.

    Only in the past 2 weeks, we have recorded 10 incidents involving shooting at convoys, arrests of UN staff including bullying, stripping them naked, threats with arms & long delays at checkpoints forcing convoys to move during the dark or abort.

    These incidents happen repeatedly at the time we are engaged in a race against the clock to avert famine in #Gaza. It also creates fear among courageous & committed humanitarian teams.

    Since the beginning of the war, the U.N. including UNRWA & other humanitarian personnel, premises and operations have been blatantly disregarded.

    Today, Palestinian armed groups launched rockets at the Kerem Shalom crossing causing its closure. It is used for most humanitarian deliveries.

    I demand an independent investigation & accountability for the blatant disregard of humanitarian workers, operations, and facilities, all protected under international law.

    To do otherwise would set a dangerous precedent and compromise humanitarian work around the world.

    I call on the Israeli Authorities to facilitate humanitarian access across the Gaza Strip including to the north.
    I also call on Hamas and other armed groups to stop any attacks on humanitarian crossings, refrain from aid diversion and make sure assistance reaches all those in need.

    The denial of humanitarian access is a violation of humanitarian law.

  • Philippe Lazzarini sur X :

    No words can do justice to the horrors that people in #Gaza are living in since the war began six months ago.

    The lives of 2 million people were turned upside down, often overnight. Many lost the most precious: their loved ones. Everything is in short supply except for grieving hearts.

    This war broke all the superlatives with the highest number of children killed, aid workers, journalists and medical teams + unprecedented attacks & destruction of hospitals & @UN buildings in blatant disregard of International Humanitarian Law.

    All lines - including the red lines - were crossed. This war is made far worse through technologies mis-used by humans to harm other humans; en-mass.

    It is made worse by the famine born from an Israeli imposed siege, one would think it’s from a different era.

    As a result, a man-made famine is eating up bodies of babies and young children.

    Meanwhile, attacks continue against @UNRWA, the largest humanitarian organisation, with the aim to dismantle it & deny the refugee status to millions of Palestinians.

    Amid political debates and failed diplomacy, between well-polished talking points and statements, the hellhole in #Gaza is deepening by the day.

    The calls are very clear:

    –Civilians - wherever they are - must be protected. Every civilian life lost is a tragedy.

    –All hostages in Gaza must be released.

    –A ceasefire must be implemented now.

    –Israel must open more land crossings & lift all restrictions on the work of@UNRWA without further delay.

    This is now a race against time to restore our humanity.

  • Le chef de l’Unrwa interdit d’entrée à Gaza par les autorités israéliennes : Jour 164 de la guerre - L’Orient-Le Jour

    « Le jour où de nouvelles données sont sorties sur la famine à Gaza, les autorités israéliennes m’interdisent l’entrée à Gaza », a révélé sur X, le commissaire général de l’Office de secours et de travaux des Nations Unies pour les Palestiniens (Unrwa), Philippe Lazzarini. La visite à Gaza du commissaire général avait pour objectif de « coordonner et améliorer la réponse humanitaire ».

    Le responsable onusien a alerté dans ce cadre sur « l’imminence de la famine dans le nord de la bande de Gaza, qui devrait arriver d’ici mai ». « Une famine d’origine humaine, une tache sur notre humanité collective », a-t-il commenté.

    • Philippe Lazzarini
      2:05 PM · 18 mars 2024

      On the day new data is out on famine in #GAZA, the Israeli Authorities deny my entry to Gaza.

      –Famine is imminent in the northern Gaza Strip, expected to arrive between now and May.
      – Two million people= the entire population of Gaza is facing crisis levels of food insecurity or worse.
      – Half the population has completely exhausted food supplies and coping capacities. They are struggling with catastrophic hunger (IPC Phase 5) and starvation.
      – This is the highest number of people ever recorded as facing catastrophic hunger by the IPC system and double the number just three months ago.
      – Earlier, UNICEF warned that the # of children under two years old suffering from acute malnutrition has doubled in one month.
      – Children are now dying of dehydration & hunger.

      has by far the largest presence among all humanitarian organisations in Gaza.
      My visit today was supposed to coordinate & improve the humanitarian response.

      This man-made starvation under our watch is a stain on our collective humanity.
      Too much time was wasted, all land crossings must open now. Famine can be averted with political will.


    • Le chef et le personnel de l’Unrwa devraient pouvoir se rendre à Gaza, selon le département d’État américain
      19 mars 2024

      Le chef et le personnel de l’Agence des Nations unies pour les réfugiés palestiniens (Unrwa) devraient pouvoir se rendre sur les lieux d’opération de l’agence, y compris à Gaza, a déclaré mardi à la presse le porte-parole adjoint du département d’État, Vedant Patel.

      Vedant Patel a déclaré que la libre circulation des travailleurs internationaux était un élément clé de la réponse humanitaire et que les États-Unis continueraient à travailler avec Israël et d’autres interlocuteurs appropriés pour faire pression en ce sens, après que l’Unrwa et l’Égypte ont déclaré qu’Israël avait refusé lundi l’entrée dans la bande de Gaza au chef de l’agence pour les réfugiés.

  • Morning update
    12 March 2024 05:43 GMT| Middle East Eye

    Israel fired at aid seekers in Gaza City once again, killing at least seven people and injuring over 20
    The Israeli army killed two Palestinian men near the town of Attil in the occupied West Bank
    The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed a drone attack on Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport
    Yemen’s Houthis threatened to ramp up their attacks on ships during Ramadan
    US president Joe Biden said he does not have plans to address the Israeli Knesset or to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    A barrage of rockets was fired into northern Israel following last night’s Israeli strike near the Lebanese eastern city of Baalbek


    • Philippe Lazzarini
      7:07 PM · 11 mars 2024

      #Gaza: an entire population depends on humanitarian assistance for survival. Very little comes in & restrictions increase.

      A truck loaded with aid has just been turned back because it had scissors used in children’s medical kits.

      Medical scissors are now added to a long list of banned items the Israeli Authorities classify as “for dual use”. The list includes basic and lifesaving items: from anesthetics, solar lights, oxygen cylinders and ventilators, to water cleaning tablets, cancer medicines and maternity kits.

      The clearance of humanitarian supplies + the delivery of basic & critical items need to be facilitated & accelerated.

  • Philippe Lazzarini sur X :

    In just over four months in #Gaza, there have been more #children, more journalists, more medical personnel, and more @UN staff killed than anywhere in the world during a conflict.

    It is with profound regret that I must now inform you that @UNRWA has reached a breaking point, with Israel’s repeated calls to dismantle it and the freezing of funding by donors at a time of unprecedented humanitarian needs in Gaza.

    #sionisme #génocidaires